Christine Michael   RB   Texas A&M




Christine has natural running back skills and excellent athletic talent.  Add these natural skills to a notable size-speed ratio and you have the definition of the perfect running back for the NFL.  Christine has sure, soft hands and can catch the ball with the ease and fluidity of a wide receiver.  He has great vision in the hole and when he makes his cuts, he doesnít go to the sideline -- he keeps working up the field.  He runs at almost perfect pad level and is the type of back that is falling forward on most plays after he is tackled.  He is smart, understands down and distance and will make the necessary yardage on third downs.  Christine runs with a little bit of fear in his eyes which makes him a better running back.  He is a quick, ďhit the holeĒ type of back but once he is in the hole, he has the quick feet to make players miss and the speed to take it all the way.  You can use him in the slot as a receiver on third and long downs because of his ability to catch the ball any place on the field.  Christine is the type of back who makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up the first time he handles the ball.  He has the burst and change of gears that is natural.  If this kid can stay healthy, he could be the best running back to come out of this draft class.    



He is a natural on the field, but has been injured quite a bit.  In his defense, he has come back strong from those injuries.  He has a problem with fumbling that will keep him off the field if he canít hold on to the ball.  He is not a great blocker; however, I would use him in the slot and bring another player in to play running back and protect my quarterback.  Christine struggles when he runs outside of the tackles because he is not patient and hasnít learned the correct technique.  Outside of the tackles, he doesnít follow his blockers very well and doesnít understand how to set up his blocks.  Inside the tackles and past the line of scrimmage in the open field, he is an impact running back and pass catcher. He got suspended for tweeting a derogatory message about his college coach and, because of this, he has been labeled as having a bad attitude and being a disciplinary problem.  That was his biggest mistake and probably the issue that has most affected his draft status.  Of course oversleeping and missing meetings at the combine is a big issue for me and others.  Itís obvious that Christine has maturity issues; he definitely needs some leadership in his life.   



Christine reminds me of Rudi Johnson (former running back for the Cincinnati Bengals) between the tackles with the pass catching talent of Marshall Faulk (former running back for the Colts and Rams).  His biggest mistake was challenging a coach.  As far as some NFL teams are concerned, you can deal drugs, get DUIs or have a history of domestic abuse, but the two things they will not stand for from a running back is fumbling the ball and challenging a coach in public.  Those two issues will affect a playerís draft status and playing time quicker than any other issue.  If you challenge a coach, you will be labeled as having a bad attitude and scouts will be told that the player is not smart and doesnít take to coaching very well.  If you have other issues, most college coaches will go to bat for you and tell scouts, GMís and NFL head coaches that the kid is not a problem and that he should be given a second chance.  There is no doubt that Christine seems to be a bit of a flake.  He loves himself and I just bet he canít pass a mirror without looking into it.  Nevertheless, if he stops fumbling, stays healthy and can grow up off the field, he will impact big time for the team that drafts him.  I would draft him; I have no problem with a player who says whatís on his mind and challenges the coaching staff.  Iím crazy like that.  I have more problems with the players who do drugs, have multiple DUIís and beat women. I think a coach should be smart enough and mature enough to handle an insecure young man with attention issues.    


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart