Cobi Hamilton   WR   Arkansas     




Cobi has excellent size and speed to play his position.  He is the type of receiver who should be difficult to cover because of his long strides, long arms, his ability to shield corners off the ball on the short routes and out-reach corners for the ball on deep routes.  It looks like on film that he has big, strong hands to catch the ball, which will make him a favorite target of quarterbacks on short routes to move the chains.  He has quick feet and gets excellent separation when he is running his routes  -- partly because of his long strides and partly because of his ability to cut quickly.  He is smooth when he runs; not much bobble in his head when he is running his deep routes which makes it easier to catch the ball on deep routes. Cobi looks to be an excellent developmental wide receiver with the potential to be an excellent #2 receiver and who knows?  Maybe a future #1 receiver for the team that drafts him. 



Cobi has to get a lot stronger overall and become more consistent catching the ball on all routes.  His stance is terrible, he is off balance at the snap of the ball and takes a false step before he gets into his route.  This false step against a team that uses man-to-man bump coverage will cause him a ton of problems getting off the line and into his routes on time.  He lacks the needed lateral agility and vision in the open field to give you much yardage after the catch, but because of his speed he is more of a deep threat anyway. Cobi is not a smart zone receiver because he doesn't have a very good understanding of how zone coverage works and is not consistent in understanding when to sit down in a zone and in reading defenses on the run.  Cobi also gets frustrated and is a bit of a whiner.  He gets frustrated with himself and others when the team is struggling.  He does not handle adversity on the field very well at all and needs the confidence of teammates and coaches to play better when he is playing badly.  He is not a good blocker because he doesn't understand the importance of it.  In general, he plays the game like it is given to him in the game plan and that's just not what happens on the field.  He does not mentally adjust with the game.  Right now, Cobi is a faster version of TJ Housmandzadeh and will have to get stronger and better both physically and mentally before he can become the receiver his athletic talent suggest he can become. 



Cobi is a track star playing football right now, but he does have the talent.  He has to work on his hands and get a lot stronger, but his biggest problem is his mental approach and attitude.  Cobi has to learn the team concept of football and not just the "me" concept of football.  He will get better, but at some point, he will level off because of this lack of team sport mentality. Cobi needs to get frustrated more with his own play and not with the play of others.  He is not catching the ball or running his routes consistently and not blocking very well at all and yet...during a game, he seems to complain more about others.  He is not reading defenses or cutting his routes off to help his quarterback out on blitzes.  Cobi wants to be good and that is great.  He has worked hard to improve and you can see the improvement from the beginning of the year to the end, but right now, he is very mechanical and robotic in every aspect of his game.  His frustration to perform should be with himself and not with his teammates until he does everything to perfection.  For the purposes of this draft, Cobi is a developmental wide receiver with the potential to be a #1 or #2, but his LTI is long and mentally, he has even longer to go.  His workouts will dictate what round he is drafted in, but his attitude will dictate how successful he will be in the future for the team that drafts him.


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart