Corey Lemonier   DE   Auburn   




Corey is a speed pass rusher who is very quick off the line. He has good size and length and does an excellent job at finishing and making plays behind the line of scrimmage.  Corey is a smart player who plays as a stand-up RLB and shows the athletic flexibility to turn and run down players from behind on screen plays for a loss of yardage.  He can rush the passer with his hand down or from a standing position. He demonstrates terrific instincts, understands down and distance and is the type of player who has to be accounted for on pass plays with more than a running back blocking him.  Corey is the type of player who will have a greater impact if you move him around your defensive front using him inside and outside, standing up inside and hand on the ground or standing up on the outside.  He shows on film to have excellent balance, change of direction agility and foot speed along with nice burst and explosion to the play.  Corey can be a specialty playmaker for a defense that wants to use his talents to attack the line of scrimmage on every play.



Corey is not that good against the run or at the point of attack.  He is strong, but lean in his body and doesn't have the bulk that will allow him to be productive stopping the run.  He uses decent techniques and gives good effort, but this is more of an issue of body type than it is anything else. Cory needs to get off the line and change the line of scrimmage to be productive.  He doesn't look like he will ever be the type of player who can meet, hold and shed a bigger offensive lineman to make a tackle in the hole continuously for four quarters of a game.



Corey can be a weapon if you move him around the defense or use him as a pass rushing specialist, but do not draft this kid thinking that you are going to turn him into a complete linebacker or defensive end.  The only way for Corey to impact is to attack the line of scrimmage in some way on every down in which he plays.  He can stop the run behind the line of scrimmage, but running the ball right at him will be taking advantage of his abilities.  We have seen this type of player in the last few years selected early with the hope that the player will turn into a complete player in the future because they have the potential to be impact pass rushers.  Bruce Irving and Von Miller were both the same style of player that Cory is.  Both players have been taken advantage of when they are on the field as teams run right at them; however, both have been productive rushing the passer. For me personally to draft a player in the first round, I look for defensive players who can play the run first, then look for pass rushing skills that can be developed. That's just me -- I don't think spending first round money on a player who is a specialty player is smart drafting.  The question is whether or not a team projects Corey as more than a specialty player; if so, Corey could be drafted a lot earlier than most people have him rated.  I think if you need a pass rusher, drafting Corey would be smart draft right around where his talent grade suggests he should be drafted.  I think that would be a value pick.  


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart