DJ Fluker   OT   Alabama




DJ is a massive human being with excellent overall athletic talent to play his position.  He has terrific balance when pass blocking and, if he gets his hands on his opponent, they do not get near the quarterback.  He shows decent lateral agility and solid lower and upper body strength.  DJ likes the physical part of the game and steps up to a challenge. He is smart, works well with his offensive linemen and doesn't seem to miss many blocking line calls before the snap.  DJ can get out in front of screens and sweeps and does a very good job going out to the second level to block linebackers on combo blocks. He is quick out of his stance, which leads me to believe that he could be an excellent left or right guard also.      



When DJ run blocks, he needs to stay on his feet and have better balance when he engages at the line of scrimmage.  In college, he was just bigger than most of his opponents when run blocking and although he moves his feet well (when pass blocking and open space blocking), when he engages an opponent at the line of scrimmage he forgets to bring his feet, keep his balance and drive block.  Some people are going to suggest that he has a lot of pancake blocks, but that's not good at the next level because you take yourself out of the play when you are on the ground. It's a bad habit to carry into the NFL.  



DJ has the athleticism to play more than one position on the line of scrimmage, but he is not a left tackle.  He also needs to clean up his run blocking if he wants to be a guard.  However, with those long arms and solid athletic skills, I believe you will see him selected early and playing right tackle for the team that drafts him.  Because he is so much bigger than most players he goes up against, he has a lot of bad habits blocking for the run, but it's a technique issue that can be corrected.  DJ gives excellent effort on every play and should be able to learn as he plays for the team that drafts him.  If you need a right tackle, DJ is one of the best in this draft and I suspect you better draft him early if you want him.  However, don't draft him thinking he is going to be your left tackle because that's not his position of impact for the next level.


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart