Datone Jones   DE   UCLA




Datone has good size and strength to play his position.  He has long arms that help him to keep offensive linemen away from his body, which allows him to use mature pass rushing moves to get into the backfield and put pressure on the quarterback.  Datone is a hard worker and the type of player that will always do his job.  He works well with his teammates and takes pride in his work. He uses his hands very well and has a strong upper and lower body to get off the line of scrimmage, anchor and be stout at the point of attack.  Datone's strength is rushing the passer from the inside of a defensive formation and, on passing downs, he should be moved inside for a team to take advantage of his quickness and mature usage of his hands.  From this position, Datone will be able to get into the backfield and be a disruptive force.  What you see is what you get right now when you draft Datone.  A strong, powerful defensive end that will do his job on every play and, in the right defense, will become a core player for the team that drafts him.



Datone has some athletic limitations in his ability to become an impact player for the next level.  He is very straight line and lacks the change of direction skills and the lateral agility to impact on a consistent basis.  He can overcome some of these issues when he improves his techniques to handle sweeps and learns to read offensive linemen in order to anticipate the play.  If he is used on passing downs on the inside of a formation, he will be very disruptive and make quarterbacks slide into his teammates so that they can finish and take credit for the sacks.  He will struggle to get sacks, but should have the opportunity to put a lot of pressure on the quarterback.



If your team plays a 3-4 defense, I think Datone can be a solid player in that style of defense as a defensive end.  If you're playing a 4-3 defense, I believe Datone will be a rotation defensive lineman that you can use on passing downs as a defensive tackle.  The problem is, the longer Datone is on the field, the easier it will be for opponents to take advantage of his lack of athletic agility unless he is covered up on the outside by an OLB or a defensive end.  He does an excellent job getting into the backfield and using his arms to keep players away from his body, but the lack of change of direction skills and lateral agility will be magnified at the next level and taken advantage of big time.  Even if you add weight, and bulk Datone up to play defensive tackle, he will struggle because it will affect his ability to get off the line for pass rushing and have a negative impact on his lateral agility to defend his gap against the run.  Nevertheless, Datone is a sold defensive lineman who will give you everything he has on every play and looks to be smart enough to improve on his intangibles in order to become an effective player for the team that drafts him.  When you see a player with this much potential to be disruptive at his size, you draft him and put him in a position to be successful, but you can't draft him too high because his value and impact to the team is limited.  


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart