Denard Robinson   WR/RB/ST   Michigan




Denard has played quarterback for his college team for the last few years, but for the NFL, he is a impact wide receiver waiting to happen.  He has good size and excellent speed to go along with lightning quick cutting skills and excellent vision to make plays in the open field. Denard wants to be an impact football player.  He appears to be a valued teammate with good size and bulk to handle the hits across the middle the receivers in the NFL have to deal with.  He is smart, understands down and distance and looks to make the big play when he is called on.  He has mental toughness and football intelligence and will be able to play multiple positions for the team that drafts him.  He shows excellent hands down the field to catch the ball. Denard is your sleeper receiver in this draft who has the potential to be a #1 receiver for the team that drafts him, similar to the Panthers WR Steve Smith.    



Denard has to learn to protect himself and stay on the field.  He will also have to learn the complete route tree, and how to run routes by changing gears and using his speed and quickness to his benefit.  Fumbling is always a problem with players who change positions and Denard will have to learn not to fumble because he will not handle the ball on every play like he did as a quarterback.  There will be a learning curve for Denard; however, after he learns (and he will quickly), watch out because his learning curve will not involve learning a new work ethic and that will be the key to his success.



If teams like the Colts or Redskins draft this kid, the other teams in those divisions will be sorry they let that happen.  If there is a cold weather team that needs a wide receiver who can catch the ball down the field in snow, sleet or rain, they should be looking very hard at Denard.  The truth is, he never should have been playing quarterback for his college team.  He is the type of player who doesn't need to handle the ball that much to impact.  You draft Denard, start him out in the slot and on punt returns and he will impact right away.  Before long, his work ethic will make him learn the rest of the receiver positions and once you can move him all over your offense, he becomes a matchup nightmare.  Denard wants the ball in big situations.  He wants to make a play. He is a leader through his play on the field and his teammates and coaches seem to love him.  I have no idea what round Denard will be drafted in, but I will tell you this, consider yourself to have a very lucky team if you select him.  Denard has impact talent, excellent mental toughness, size, speed, quickness, great hands to catch the ball down the field and leadership skills.  He looks on film to be both smart and coachable -- an invaluable combination.  You seriously think that because he has to learn to run routes that he is not worth a first round talent grade?  I don't think so.  The kid is a diamond in the rough and that's why I call him Denard (Diamond) Robinson. 


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart