Ezekiel Ansah  DL   BYU




Ezekiel has the natural strength to be a dominating defensive lineman for the team that drafts him.  He has strong athletic abilities and has the foot speed that most linebackers would love to have coming out in any draft.  He is excellent at shedding his block and making a tackle at the line of scrimmage.  Although Ezekiel, at this point of his career, lacks the typical burst off the line that most like to see in a pass rusher, he does possess those long arms and legs making long strides off the line of scrimmage that tackles will struggle with when pass blocking him.  Ezekiel plays DE in a 3-4 defense that uses a 2-gap system and he does an excellent job right now with limited training.  But don't mistake this kid not being able to play multiple positions in any style of defense because of his natural strength, size, speed, athletic talents and overall intelligence to learn.  Ezekiel has the potential to become an complete impact defensive lineman.  He will be a dominating pass rusher and, right now, he is one of the few coming out in this draft that also knows how to stop the run. He reminds me a lot of New York Giant Justin Tuck (see The Huddle Report archives) when he came out in the draft. A strong powerful player with natural pass rushing talent but lacking the pass rushing skills.  Draft Ezekiel and plug him into the strong side DE position in your 3-4 or 4-3 defense and he will impact.  They call this kid Ziggy as a nickname and that sounds good to me, Ezekiel (Ziggy) Ansah.



Ezekiel does need to learn much better pass rushing techniques, but he has the size, strength and speed to become dominant once he does learn.  Right now his best move is a bull rush which is, and has been, very effective for him.  He will also have to learn how to beat double teams because he will see a lot of them in the future, but I believe he will accomplish this as he has a great work ethic and ability to learn.



Ezekiel's length to impact (LTI) as a pass rusher is a bit out there, but that doesn't mean you do not draft him.  He is excellent right now against the run and that talent alone makes him a 1st round talent to me.  Add to that his natural body build and strength and ability to learn quickly and I have no doubt about his ability to become a pass rushing nightmare.  You draft Ezekiel and you draft him early.  This kid could be something special and, even if he is not, he will be better than average.  Those are the facts as I see them on film and they cannot be disputed. (I just always wanted to say that!)  Draft Ziggy and let the fans get Ziggy with him.  (I have no idea what that means).  


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart