Jamar Taylor   CB/S   Boise St




Jamar is one of the better tackling corners in this draft.  He has excellent size, strength and speed to play his position.  He is smart and understands how to play his position.  He has quick feet, a burst to the ball and shows good recovery speed to run down players from behind. Jamar is a physical corner who does not make many mistakes or commit many penalties.  He has the ability to "turn the page" if he gets beat, but at the same time, is not fooled twice in a game by the same play or move to get beat again.  He shows excellent leadership skills and makes big plays when he is challenged.  Jamar is an excellent form tackler -- a head-up, wrap-up, squeeze and drive tackler that will put bigger opponents on their backs quicker than you can say, "What?!" Jamar is one of the best corners I have seen in a long time supporting the run.  His instincts and explosion to the play is outstanding and he seems to always be in the backfield on sweeps before a bigger running back can square his shoulders and start down the field.  Jamar does not turn the play in on sweeps; he makes the tackle. He is excellent in blitz packages because of his burst and ability to change direction.  He is looking to strip the ball on just about every play.  Because Jamar is physical and an excellent tackler, you can use him in multiple positions in your defensive backfield.  You can use him as a safety up on the line, or as a single free safety because of his instincts and football intelligence.  He can also fill the spot of #1 corner because of his cover skills, intelligence, quickness and ability to read wide receivers.  I call him Jamar (What?!) Taylor because of the way he puts his opponents on their backs when he tackles them. When Jamar's opponents are on the ground and wondering where he came from so fast, all they can think is "What?!" 



Jamar is a little stiff in the hips, but he compensates for that with down and distance intelligence.  He is an excellent zone cover corner and red zone corner but will struggle in the middle of the field with the smaller quicker receivers that so many teams use now in the slot if used in man-to-man coverage.   



If you're smart, you will draft Jamar quickly in this draft.  He is an excellent corner and just might be a better safety because of his intelligence, instincts, speed, and tackling skills.  Either way, regardless of the position, you can put him on the field right away and he will impact.  Receivers are not going to get very many "run after the catch" yards on this kid.  When Jamar makes a tackle on a running back trying to sweep to his side, he anticipates the play, bursts into the backfield and drops that player on his back with a perfect form tackle.  Jamar's defensive teammates feed off that like a pride of lions feeding off a fresh kill.  It lifts the whole defense to another level.  It would not surprise me if teams agree with me and feel that Jamar might impact more at the safety position than corner because he does like the play in front of him and he's physical, which nicely suits the safety position.  For me, I just draft him and worry about his position later.  His intelligence, athletic talent and leadership skills would be too much for me to pass on.  Jamar is the type of player the Patriots might draft because of his tackling skills and football intelligence -- which explains why they continue to be one of the better teams in the league.  That and Tom Brady.


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart