Jamie Collins   LB   Southern Mississippi




Jamie has the size and length that teams who run a 3-4 defense are looking for in a rush outside linebacker. He has the athleticism to play that position at a high level for the team that drafts him. He looks on film to have the ability to fall off the line into coverage and the foot speed to run down players on screen plays to his side of the field when necessary. Jamie does a good job tackling in space. He plays with decent effort on every play and he looks to be a solid teammate.



Jamie has terrible technique and seems to be very confused most of the time on the field. He doesn't attack the line of scrimmage when he is in a 3-point stance and doesn't fire off the ball when he is in a 2-point stance. Sometimes, when he goes into a 3-point stance he is not sure what hand to put down and switches back and forth until the ball is snapped. He has a very bad habit of taking false steps and sometimes, on the snap, will take a step backwards before he starts his forward motion into his opponent to engage. Sometimes he just stands straight up to see what is happening in the backfield before he reacts at all, which may be an indicator that his football intelligence is lacking and his understanding of his assignment and down distance is not yet where it needs to be for the NFL. He struggles to set the edge against the run because of both his technique and his effort.



Although Jamie looks the part, he struggles to play the part. Drafting Jamie at any point in this draft means you are looking for a project because Jamie is way behind the learning curve on technique based on where you would expect a player who has played as many snaps as he has played should be. He does have the athletic talent, size and length, but because his effort and techniques are so far behind, he will struggle to make a team in the NFL unless he can turn it up about 10 notches on the effort meter and learn to play with a lot more passion. He will also have to take what he learns in practice to the field on game day and so far it doesn't seem like that ever happened at the college level, so I suspect he will struggle with this issue at the NFL level as well. However, you never know...he does look the part.


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart