Jarvis Jones   OLB/RLB   Georgia




Jarvis Jones has solid athletic talent.  He shows a good burst and explosion off the line of scrimmage and the cover skills to be used in man-to-man coverage against most tight ends and some slot receivers.  He has long arms that allow him to play bigger than his size when rushing the passer and long strides off the line that make it hard for offensive tackles to stay on balance and block him before he can run around them.  He has solid football instincts in identifying screens to his side of the field.  He is stout against sweeps to his side and able to string out plays even when he is double teamed.  Jarvis has the size and athletic ability to play more than one linebacker position in any style of defense but his impact position is as a rush linebacker in a 3-4 defense as his college team used him.  Jarvis has convinced most people that he is an impact player for his college team and for the next level.  His stats are very impressive and although they don't seem to match his play on the field, most everyone you talk to feels that Jarvis is one of the top picks in this draft.  That is, everyone but the BS Detector. 



I see a player on the field who has talent, but won't impact because he doesn't play with fire in the belly.  This kid never makes a sack when he is blocked.  Most, if not all, of his sacks come from not being blocked at all.  Many of his sacks come against right tackles one-on-one that he beats by running around them and not engaging.  He is stout against the run, but never fights through a double team.  Does he have the explosion to come off the line and make a sack? Yes, unless he gets blocked. Does he have the speed to run plays down from behind? Yes, when he feels like it.  Can he cover tight ends one-on-one and have the recovery speed when he gets beat? Yes, but most of the time he doesn't bother.  Jarvis does what he is supposed to do and does it very well.  The problem is, he has the ability to do more than he is supposed to do and doesn't.  That is, unless he is unblocked.  I don't see the effort on every play at the college level to suggest he will be an impact player at the NFL level. 



I'm a profiler -- not a scout, not a GM.  I don't profile players on what others say about those players or care what an agent sends to me about his client.  My profiles have no agenda except to communicate to you, to the best of my ability, what I see on film.  If you want to argue that Jarvis has the athletic talent to impact at the next level, I would have to agree with you.  If you want to argue that he could be an excellent pass rusher, I would agree with that also.  But if you want to argue with me that Jarvis will be an impact player because of his talent, that's where we are going to disagree because it takes more than talent to play in the NFL.  Unless someone takes a cattle prod to this kid while he is playing, I doubt he plays consistently at the next level.  I'm not like others who evaluate talent for the draft.  I look at the draft through the eyes of an owner and I don't think that cattle prod I talked about will be in the form of drafting Jarvis in the top ten and handing him $20 million dollars.  In fact, I think it will have the opposite affect.  The best thing that could happen to Jarvis is for him not to be drafted until the 2nd or 3rd round and then he just might play with a chip on his shoulder until his first contract is up.  I don't trust the kid to show up for every year of his contract and, by that I mean effort on every play and not stats.  I'm not sure how Jarvis made as many sacks and tackles that that are credited to him, but I can tell you this:  he is easy to block one-on-one by a running back who will not sniff the NFL.  Most right tackles with the talent for the NFL had a very easy time blocking him also.  He was moved around his college defense, which is a credit to his coaches.  He also played on a defense that has more than one potential NFL player which made it easy for Jarvis to impact.  As I said, his talent does not match up with what he does on the field and his stats do not match up with the way he has played on the field THIS YEAR.  Maybe last year he was outstanding.  Maybe he did everything on the field that everyone is talking about.  All I can tell is that this year, he was inconsistent and disappointing for the overall talent he possesses.  This year there was no fire in the belly to be the best player on the field for his college team.  That, to me, is not a top ten talent.  In fact, for me, if your effort is excellent one year and not the next, that sends up a big red flag no matter how talented you may be.


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart