Johnathan Hankins   DT   Ohio St




Johnathan is a very big defensive tackle.  He has some athletic talent and does an excellent job just clogging up the middle.  He can bull rush and get into the backfield when he gets a good jump off the line of scrimmage.  Johnathan can wear down the offensive lineman so that faster, quicker and more technique oriented defensive lineman on the team can make tackles, sacks and pressure the quarterback.  He has a nasty streak in him when he plays which can go a long way for him at the next level.  Johnathan has talent or he would not be on the football field.  I'm sure of it...I think.



There is a long list, so here goes.  Johnathan doesn't use his hands very well.  He struggles to shed and make tackles.  He doesn't show very good lateral agility.  He struggles to understand how to defend himself against cut blocks.  He doesn't grasp down and distance and struggles to change direction.  Johnathan has no pass rushing moves except for a bull rush and only when he guesses and gets a good jump off the ball.  His weight may be an issue, he doesn't play to the whistle and he is on the ground too much because he is off balance.  He pushes with his shoulders and lets the blockers get into his body.  There is more, but I'm getting tired. 



I know there is talent somewhere in this kid; I just don't see it on the film I have.  I know it is there as he wouldn't be on the field if he didn't have talent.  Just being a clog in the middle doesn't do it for me.  I don't see where his stats fit what I'm seeing on the film.  I don't see the number of tackles, the lateral agility or the ability to shed blocks and make tackles that you would expect of a player who is being thought of as a potential 1st round draft pick. The techniques and skills are not what I expected, but he is on the field and gives effort off the ball and seems to want to play.  I did see him play pretty good in the 4th quarter of the Ohio St vs Penn St game when Ohio St was ahead 28-10.  I don't know why he started to play at that point, but he did change the line of scrimmage and bull rush into the backfield.  Unfortunately, for me personally, that's just not enough to trust that Johnathan will show up for his contract. 


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart