Johnthan Banks   CB   Mississippi St




Johnthan has excellent size and speed to play his position.  He is a smart cornerback and understands how to use the sideline to his advantage when covering man-to-man.  Johnthan is very willing to come up on sweeps to his side and make a tackle. He has those long strides that allow him to make up and cover ground quicker than most corners when he does get beat.  Jonathan's long legs might make it difficult to change directions (with those small, quick receivers), but Johnthan compensates for that, keeping his cushion against those types of players and making tackles to keep the run after the catch yardage down to a minimum.  Because of his long legs it looks like receivers get good separation from him when they make their cuts, but Johnthan's long strides close that gap very quickly.  He is a drag down tackler, which is fine with me as long as he makes that tackle and Johnthan does seem to make all the tackles at the college level.  Johnthan is very efficient and might have the quickest back pedal I have ever seen.  He comes out of that back pedal with excellent balance, confidence and hip flip.  Johnthan, because of his size, length and overall athleticism, will be able to shut down those bigger receivers in the red zone.  He can take away the fade pass and that alone is worth drafting him very high in this draft.         



Johnthan has to get stronger to continue to be a "secure" drag down tackler for the next level.  Currently, Johnthan lines up most of the time about 10 yards off the line and looks into the backfield from the snap of the ball, until the ball is out and on its way.  This is poor technique and he will have to learn to read receivers and not look into the backfield at the quarterback or he will get killed on double moves and "look offs" by the quarterbacks in the NFL. Johnthan will have to get stronger to use the bump and run techniques the corners use at the next level. There is no reason why Johnthan cannot overcome any of these concerns. 



Johnthan has the potential to become an excellent cornerback for the team that drafts him.  He can impact on special teams returning punts and being a gunner as well.  He is smart enough to use in zone coverage and has the skills to be a solid man cover cornerback too.  He has to get stronger and refine his skills, but Johnthan plays a position that most teams consider one of the hardest to fill with quality players and if your team needs a cornerback in this draft, passing on Johnthan would not be very smart at any point in this draft. 


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart