Joseph Randle   RB   Oklahoma St   




Joseph has good size and speed to be an effective running back for the team that drafts him.  He shows on film solid speed and very good hands to catch the ball out of the backfield.  Joseph will be effective used as a slot receiver on specific down and distance.  Joseph is one of the better pass blocking running backs in this draft.  He is smart and reads defenses, which makes him useful at the next level to be used as an every down back.  Joseph has good quickness to the line of scrimmage and likes to run between the tackles where he is the most effective.  He is a perfect fit in a 2-back pistol offense system with one back on the QB's hip and Joseph set as the deep back.  He does a very good job hitting the hole; he uses his vision and quick feet to make the last minute adjustments to get to the second level and make yardage in big chunks.  When Joseph is in the red zone, he becomes a different back.  He is more patient to the hole and is more inclined to follow his blocks and make his cuts.  When Joseph makes his cuts, he does it with a strong, quick first stride making him very effective around the goal line.  Joseph is a surprising strong back for his size and, with a good running back coach at the next level, Joseph could turn into a core player for the team that drafts him. 



Joseph's running style and body type do not match up very well for the next level.  He is effective running through the tackles but that will put a lot of pressure on the lean body that he has.  He also is very poor running outside the tackles.  When he runs east and west, he loses his technique and does not have the lateral agility to make his own yards.  Joseph is like a wide receiver who can't run the route tree or in his case, a running back that cannot be effective in all of the running plays.  He can learn, but for the purposes of this draft, he is a run through the tackle running back with the wrong style of body to take the punishment.  It's a concern, but because of Joseph's blocking and pass catching skills, he will still be effective for the team that drafts him.


As good as Joseph has been at the college level, he is a systems running back for the next level and because of his lean body, he most likely will share duties with a stronger running back.  He is excellent running in the pistol offense and, if a team drafts him and uses him in that type of offense, this kid can and will impact because of his strong strides.  He can also be used in a read option offense because that offense, like the pistol, is a "downhill run through the tackle" type of running offense that requires a strong striding, quick, run to the hole style of running back that Joseph seems to be. Teams that use a spread offense will be interested in selecting Joseph because of his blocking and pass catching skills.  This type of use will limit his time on the field, which will also affect what round those teams are likely to select him in.  Joseph has good skills and looks to be an excellent teammate.  Selecting him in any round will be adding talent to your backfield.  Look for Rob's board on the likely round that Joseph will be selected and if your team drafts him, trust me...they just drafted a pretty good running back that in the right system could be an impact running back.


Drew “ The B.S. Detector” Boylhart