Justin Hunter   WR   Tennessee




Justin is a long striding, smart receiver with good size and very good speed to play his position at an impact level for the team that drafts him.  He shows on film to have strong hands and runs nice routes against both zone and single coverage.  Justin can get deep to catch the deep ball as well as go over the middle on crossing routes and take the hit while catching the ball.  He runs all the routes on the route tree and has lined up at all the receiver positions.  Justin will get you yards after the catch and shows good vision and agility in the open field to make players miss when trying to tackle him.  Justin has very mature receiver skills and the athletic talent to impact for the team that drafts him the day after he is selected.  



Justin is on the skinny side and will struggle to take the pounding that an NFL wide receiver takes unless he changes his style of play.  Justin will not be a "run after the catch" type receiver for the next level and will have to learn to protect himself and go down when he is being tackled. He has to learn to play like Randy Moss and become more of a deep threat.  He doesn't have the body type that will allow him to become a complete receiver, but he does have the skills and athletic talent to become a dangerous receiver.



Justin is very conscious of taking a hit that will injure him, but I would not say that he is overly cautious.  He is smart and wants to stay on the field and there is nothing wrong with that.  He has solid mental toughness, but the kid is not crazy.  The more accurate quarterbacks at the NFL level are going to help Justin (in most cases) deal with this attitude and make it easier for him to impact.  Justin, with good coaching, will forget about running after the catch and just catch the ball to gain the needed yardage so that he can stay on the field.  He will be coached to run certain routes in a different manner to keep him from getting hit and some routes they will just take out of his offensive game plan to protect him (if they're smart).  Nevertheless, because of Justin's talent and ability to make the big play, he will will make an impact and become an important part of a team's passing offense.  If the team that selects Justin doesn't make adjustments in their offensive passing plan, Justin will be injured and will never get the chance to impact.  So, if you decide to select Justin, I suggest you make brilliant coaching adjustments to not have Justin be something that he is not because he will not be a complete receiver, but again, he will be a dangerous one.


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart