Keenan Allen   WR   California




Keenan has good size and decent speed to go along with excellent hands and the quick cutting ability of a smaller receiver that very few tall receivers possess.  He has strong hands, is smart and uses mature techniques to run his routes.  He is much farther along than the average receiver coming out in the draft in understanding his own strengths and weakness when running routes.  Keenan has excellent vision which  helps him to be impactful as a run after the catch type of receiver. He can get deep because he is so adept at running his routes and setting up a defender.  He has the hands to catch just about anything thrown his way.  He can adjust to the ball and make the acrobatic catch.  Keenan has the quickness, football intelligence and wide receiver savvy to be an excellent receiver at the next level -- maybe even a #1 wide receiver for the team that drafts him.



If Keenan wants to be a #1 WR, he has to add more muscle without losing his quickness.  He also has to block better.   



Keenan is a very good football player who reminds me a lot of Andre Reed, former WR Buffalo Bills.  He has the same type of talent, quickness and route running ability, but lacks the pure speed to take it all the way unless he is inside the 40 yard line.  That's a damn good football player.  Right now Keenan's football maturity surpasses that of his college teammates.  He is always waiting for the ball and adjusting his routes; unfortunately, he is not able to use all his talents to the fullest.  He will be more impactful at the NFL level than he was at the college level if he is drafted by a team with a good passing quarterback.  He is excellent at returning punts because of his lateral agility, quickness and vision.  He will be an asset for the team that drafts him to flip the field when the offense is struggling and get it on track.  I'm not sure what Keenan will run in his workouts, but don't be surprised if he doesn't break 4.5 and could even hit the 4.6 area; however, that will not mean anything.  Keenan is as fast as he needs to be with a north-south lateral agility that not many players possess.  He has excellent football intelligence and the hands to catch the ball in a crowed.  As I said, he has the same type of talent that Andre Reed had and, for you younger draftniks, the Colts' Reggie Wayne.  Both terrific receivers with great production who were partnered with excellent quarterbacks to accomplish this.  If Keenan is drafted into that situation, he should have that type of career.


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart