Kenny Stills   WR   Oklahoma




Kenny is a much underrated receiver at this point in this draft.  He has good size and excellent speed and is a very smart route runner.  He has strong hands to go up and fight for the ball and the ability to adjust to the ball in the air and make the tough catch.  Kenny has the football intelligence to analyze and decipher defenses on the run.  He does a very good job running routes against zone coverages and, with his speed and route running smarts, he can get deep with ease.  Kenny gets separation easily and seems to always be waiting on the ball when running his short routes or deep routes.  There is no receiver in this draft that wants to make touchdowns as much as Kenny.  He is a finisher, and inside the 50 yard line, Kenny is a very dangerous weapon likely to score a touchdown on any down.   Kenny will be a more impacting player at the NFL level than he was at the college level if he is selected to pair up with an accurate NFL quarterback.  He has the skills, athletic talents and football intelligence to become a #1 or #2 receiver for the team that drafts him. 



Kenny needs to gain more overall strength to beat the bump techniques that will be used against him to slow him down on the deep routes.  Smart corners will push him off his routes and, unless he is put in motion or used in the slot, Kenny will struggle getting free off the snap.  He is not explosive off the line and although he runs excellent routes, at times in the middle of the field, he will give up on his routes if the ball is overthrown.  He pushes off a lot and if the ball is overthrown, he is very adept at forcing a referee to call penalties in his favor.  He is street smart when it comes to knowing all the tricks of the trade.  He is not much of a run after the catch type of receiver, but he will get the needed yardage before going down and protecting himself against the big hits that can injure him.  Like I said, he is very smart.  He has some off field issues and supposedly is a bit of a trash talker, but both issues are not ones I would think are non draftable issues.  NFL teams, though,  might think differently. 



As I said, Kenny is very underrated.  He is smart and the type of receiver who will impact more at the NFL level than he did at the college level. You can use him as punt returner inside your own 20 yard line because he will make the sure catch and make good decisions about where to go with the ball.  Iím sure there will be times when Kenny can get you some yards also returning punts, but you should consider that he does not have the bulk to take the big hits at the NFL level without getting injured.  Iím not suggesting that Kenny is concerned with getting injured and that concern affects his play.  On the contrary, Iím telling you this kid understands that his body type is not up to taking the pounding of the hits most receivers take after they catch the ball and when he sees a player sizing him up for that big hit, he will go down and live to fight another day.  That is smart football.  I was never impressed with Kenny that much watching film of Oklahoma.  I thought he was just an average player.  Then Kenny went to the combine and ran a 4.3 forty and put up some pretty solid numbers.  So, I went back to the film to see if I was wrong and if he was more than just an average player.  When I went back to the film, I saw a receiver waiting on just about every route he ran, short or long as well as a quarterback who had more problems with accuracy than I thought originally. I saw a smart, savvy receiver who protected himself and scored touchdowns from the 50 yard line and closer.  I saw a receiver who reminded me a lot of Andrť Reed, former WR of the Buffalo Bills.  A receiver who, if paired up with an accurate quarterback and gets stronger, could become a weapon in a teamís passing game plan.  Kenny is the type of player who plays very well in all games, but is also the type of player you can count on to step his game up one more notch when the playoffs come.  He is a touchdown maker and a team can never have too many of those.  Look for Kenny later in the draft than I am suggesting his talent belongs (2nd round), then watch him become a fan favorite for the team that drafts him.    


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart