Kenny Vaccaro   S/CB   Texas




Kenny is an excellent cover safety in a short zone. He is very smart, understands angles and shows a good burst to the play. He is strong and will take on blocks and disrupt plays better than some defensive linemen. He shows on film to have solid overall athletic talent, but the truth is your team will be drafting Kenny because of his football intelligence which is where he really stands out.  He shows leadership skills (on the field).  He has the ability to cover wide receivers in zone and nickel-dime packages inside the red zone.  He does a nice job at the line of scrimmage covering big slot receivers/tight ends in a "match up" zone concept because he is physical and athletic enough to stay with a receiver within a 10-20 yard radius.  He has excellent hands to intercept the ball -- in fact, he has good enough hands to be used on offense as well as defense.  Kenny shows the willingness to tackle and, in most cases, is a sure tackler.  But as I said previously, his football intelligence to play more than one position for the team that drafts him is his true strength.



Kenny shows the willingness to tackle, but is sloppy at times which is an issue that must get better to be a starting safety. For me, it's a concern, but not one that would make me not draft him.  He gets the job done in most case.  Kenny struggles to break down when going forward to make a tackle; this is where his lack of quick change of direction abilities are the most prevalent.  This is mostly due to technique  issues and Kenny seems smart enough to learn and get better at this for the NFL.  Kenny has good speed and burst, but lacks the extra gear to cover in deep coverage off the line of scrimmage and down the field.  However, in a 10-20 yard radius, he does an excellent job.    



If, and when, Kenny corrects these few flaws in his tackling techniques, it's a good bet you will have yourself a Pro Bowl safety.  You can use him in a two deep zone in the middle of the field and then in nickel-dime packages, bring him up to the line to cover the slot or rush the passer.  He is excellent at taking on blockers and turning in running backs and screen plays to his side when he plays in the slot as good as any linebacker.  He reminds me a little of Charles Woodson.  He has the same type of football intelligence in knowing how to use angles and read receivers in coverage and in his understanding of zone coverages.  Kenny also has the same upper and lower body strength that Woodson has to handle more than one position in a defensive backfield.  What I really like about Kenny is his ability to catch the ball and fight for the ball in the air.  There is no doubt in my mind that, on the offensive side of the ball, Kenny could be used in the slot as a receiver on third downs to keep the chains moving in special situations.  If I'm the team drafting him, I would look at him on that side of the ball for sure.  Kenny is a talented, smart, tough player.  I think it would be pretty hard to pass on Kenny at some point in the first round if you're looking for a potential Pro Bowl safety.


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart