Landry Jones   QB   Oklahoma




Landry has the size and arm strength that all NFL teams look for in a quarterback.  He has decent athleticism -- enough to roll out and make throws on the run.  He shows good overall accuracy; he will stand in the pocket and make impact throws at critical times in big games.  Landry is the type of player who can make a throw down the field that makes a bald headed man's head tingle and make him think he can grow some hair where hair hasn't grown for 16 years.  He plays in a multi-formation offense with its base being the pistol and shotgun formations. He does play under center and the truth is, to me, he looks the most comfortable under center.  Landry is not a running quarterback, but he does move well enough to be used in any style of offensive formation.  Landry has the passing skills to open up the running game for his team, which is one of the requirements of a franchise quarterback for the next level.  The first time I saw Landry play, he made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.



Landry looks to me like he is a very good person...maybe that's his biggest problem.  He doesn't run the offense, the offense runs him.  He doesn't have a feel for the game in general.  He doesn't sense when to leave the pocket or when to slide in the pocket.  Many of his passes get knocked down at the line of scrimmage.  He doesn't handle adversity during a game very well.  He struggles to forget his mistakes and, after an interception, he will go into a shell and start aiming his throws, losing both velocity and accuracy. For a player who has so much production, he is very robotic and I feel has been over coached.  Landry doesn't seem to be committed to some of the play calling at times during the game, which you can see when he starts to slouch as he feels the game is getting out of hand.  I think this kid has the killer instinct to strike down the field, but his coaches don't have that same instinct which bothers Landry.  Landry lacks his own quarterback personality and stamp on his college team.  I think all of this is hidden somewhere inside of this kid and Landry being the person he is, would never dare challenge any of the play calls or the style of play the coaches wanted him to play.  For a kid who I think is in the wrong offensive system for his talents, he has had some remarkable games and excellent production.  For the next level, some coach is going to have to find the true talent in Landry and get him to be the leader his talents suggest that he can be.  The problem is taking the time to find those hidden talents will affect his LTI.   



Landry reminds me a lot of Troy Aikman, QB Dallas Cowboys and to be successful, he will need to be in a similar situation as Troy.  That situation is the right offensive system with mentally strong players around him who realize that the leadership Landry has in him is not the vocal leadership you get with most quarterbacks.  I believe Landry fits a play action vertical game better than he fits the systems he plays in right now.  That being said, Landry still has to develop all of those hidden intangibles I know he possesses.  I really do believe his coaches didn't want him to be that style of leader or they realized he wasn't and needed help in these areas and maybe have over coached him.  Either way, Landry has to be given time to gain confidence in his own play and learn the little things that will make him successful.  I think Landry has excellent potential for the next level and I like him a lot, but (and this is a big but) for a player who has taken the amount of snaps this kid has taken, he is not very polished.  That's a big surprise.  I can see the Bills, Packers, Cowboys, Saints, Charges, Raiders, Steelers being interested in Landry.  If Landry shows up well in the Senior Bowl, look for him on Rob's board early in this draft, but he still will need to develop his intangibles and this will take some time.


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart