Logan Ryan   CB/FS   Rutgers




Logan should be a solid zone cornerback with the ability to be moved to the free safety position because he is a sure tackler.  He is very smart and one of the better zone corners in this draft.  He can play in a pure zone defense or in a match-up zone system because of his football intelligence.  In the red zone, it will be difficult for big receivers to catch fade passes because of his size and length that give him the ability to matchup with the bigger receivers.   In nickel-dime packages, he could be used to match-up in the slot in a zone system because he has no problem supporting the run plus you can use him to blitz off the corner and force quarterbacks into quick throws that make it easy to intercept.  Ryan looks to be an excellent teammate and could be used as a coach on the field to make sure everyone is in the right positions in the defensive backfield.  However, I think a move to the free safety position would be beneficial. 



Logan doesn't have the quick twitch or make-up speed to be used in single coverage in the middle of the field.  He also needs to get stronger and tackle with more authority to become a starting safety.  When he blitzes off the edge from the slot, he must commit completely and run harder and faster into the backfield.  Right now he plays with too much caution and too much looking into the backfield.  He doesn't read receivers or anticipate routes on down and distance as it correlates to time on the clock.  He can play at the next level if he improves his football intelligence and starts to think like a coach on the field instead of thinking like a player. 



Logan has the size that teams are looking for in the cornerback position.  He has decent speed, but not enough to impact and cover in all types of defense.  What he does have is a unique understanding of zone coverage that most players don't have coming out of college.  He will have to get stronger and improve his tackling technique; as soon as he does that, his confidence in his own play will improve.  For the next level, I believe free safety is the true position for him to be effective.  Logan is a smart kid and as long as he is willing to change positions and learn all of the responsibilities of all the other defensive back positions, he can have a pretty good career for the team that drafts him. It's all up to him.  Of course he will have to prove that he has the hands to intercept the ball, as that separates the excellent free safeties from the average ones


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart