Luke Joeckel   OL   Texas A&M




Luke has the size and the look that all teams consider to be the NFL prototypical left tackle.  He shows on film to have decent athletic ability; he has played and protected the blindside of two very athletic and pocket moving passers for his college team.  He moves his feet quickly, has a good set up and balance in a small space.  At the snap of the ball, when Luke first engages his opponent, he is in the classic position for blocking that you love to see in any offensive lineman at any position. He has excellent balance and his hands are in the right position with the correct knee bend.  Luke looks very ready to block any pass rushing move his opponent will use.  He does it on every snap and without a doubt looks like he is going to dominate his opponent.  Luke looks like he is the real deal until you watch him the rest of the play. 



Luke starts out looking really good, but once he engages, he doesn't move his feet, doesn't seem to have, or use, very good upper body or hand strength and doesn't have the lateral agility to be a pure left tackle for just any offensive blocking system.  He doesn't stay on, or finish, his blocks and, in general, looks to be lazy in this aspect of his game.  I also question Luke's work ethic.  His strength and techniques should be much better at this point of his career.  What I see on film is a player who will struggle to start at any position on the offensive line for the team that drafts him.  In the Louisiana Tech game, #41 for Tech (an undersized defensive lineman) threw Luke around like a rag doll and went by him all game long.  Think about that....undersized!!!  Most of the running Luke's QBs have done the last two years while Luke was their blindside blocker was up the middle or to the right side of the offensive line because Luke was busy getting beat. Think about it.  Don't believe me?  Look at the film. 



Luke is coming out too early.  In the blocking scheme that Texas A&M uses, Luke could be a decent left tackle for an athletic quarterback at the college level.  However, in the NFL, his work ethic will be challenged to compete consistently at a high level.  He has to learn to move his feet after he engages his opponent, stay on balance and not hold.  He has to get a lot stronger and in better overall football shape. The Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks and a few of the teams are starting to use the same blocking scheme that Luke played in at A&M.  I think this is why Luke might be drafted early in this draft, but the facts are that Luke's techniques are immature and his lack of football strength leads me to believe it will be a long haul for Luke before his play on the field matches the round in which he will be drafted.  In 2009, with the 2nd overall pick, the Rams selected OT Jason Smith from Baylor.  Luke reminds me of Jason Smith.


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart