Malliciah Goodman   DE   Clemson




Malliciah is a defensive lineman built with long longs and arms who has the ability to affect every play.  His size-speed ratio and workout numbers are what most teams are looking for in a starting pass rushing defensive end.  He has the agility to play some OLB/DE in a 3-4 defense, but his impact position for the next level will be as a defensive end in a 4-3 defense.  He has excellent speed to run players down in the open field and make tackles.  His effort on every play is good and he is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler in the open field.  When he uses the correct techniques, he is strong at the point of attack.  When he gets double teamed and gets his arms up, his reach is beyond the normal trajectory of a quarterbackís ability to throw over him.  Malliciah is the type of player who gains speed the longer he runs and if youíre a running back or quarterback outside the hash marks and behind the line of scrimmage, you better get to the sidelines or up the field fast or he will run you down like a lion attacking a gazelle.  Malliciah has a ton of actual and untapped talent; the team that drafts him in any round will be selecting the sleeper, strong side defensive end for its 4-3 defense of this draft.  



Malliciah has to get a lot stronger in his lower body.  He also has to learn to use his length better when coming off the line of scrimmage because he is not explosive off the line.  Malliciah must improve his pass rushing moves, his hand usage and be more consistent defending against the run.  He doesnít understand offensive line blocking schemes and can get confused at times on how to come off blocks and attack the line of scrimmage.  He struggles holding his gap and shedding blocks to make tackles.  But, in his defense, when he locks his arms out and keeps the offensive lineman away from his body, he can be very effective at stopping the run.  He plays with good effort, but thinks too much.  Right now, if he doesnít anticipate the run, he can be moved around easily because of his lack of lower body strength. The truth is for a senior, he played more like a potential impact freshman during the season, but he showed up big time against LSU in his bowl game this year and was impossible for LSU to deal with all game long.   



Malliciah seems to lack the football intelligence you would expect from a senior and the ability to adjust to game time blocking schemes.  However, when this kid just comes off the ball and gets into the backfield, he is a game changer.  His size-speed ratio along with his excellent effort and workout numbers are enough to think he should be a 1st round pick, but his production, play on the field and leadership skills do not match that athletic talent and that is the problem.  Is it coaching?  Is it because Malliciah lacks the ability to bring what he learns in practice onto the field?  I donít know, but I do know this -- if the light goes on for this kid, he could be something special.  In his bowl game, he played like a top ten pick.  He was dominating and in the backfield all game long.  He got off the line with good strength and was a disrupter in almost every passing play.  If the light has gone on for Malliciah, he could dominate and become everything his size-speed ratio and effort suggest that he can become.  He can be an impact pass rushing, strong side, 4-3 defensive end for the team that selects him.  All the potential is there; it just has to be unlocked like it was in his bowl game.


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart