Margus Hunt   DL   SMU




Margus is a raw first round talent at defensive line.  He is extremely athletic with the height and length to be a dominant pass rusher.  He does a very good job playing the run as a 2-gap defensive end in a 3-4 defense.  Margus has excellent speed and burst off the line and solid change of direction skills to bring down plays in the open field.  He can play multiple positions on the line in a 3-4 defense or a 4-3 defense.  Margus also has the talent to be used as a tight end on the offensive side of the ball.  His athleticism at the college level is too much for most right tackles and guards to handle one-on-one or with a double team.  On passing downs, Margus is in the back field on the snap and is very disruptive (because of his height) even if he doesn't get to the quarterback.  He has those long arms that help him to keep the blockers away from his body on running downs and allows him to shed and make tackles at the line of scrimmage.  Margus has talent similar to Jason Taylor (former Miami Dolphins) when he came out in the draft and he has the potential to be as dominant as Jason.  Add to that the fact that he has a knack for blocking field goals and you have an impact player waiting to emerge once he is drafted and learns how to use his athleticism.   



Right now Margus has the pass rushing "athletic talent" to go up against most right tackles in the NFL and be somewhat disruptive.  The problem is, he doesn't have the pass rushing skills or techniques to compete against the left tackles in the NFL and be as disruptive.  He needs a lot of work and has to gain more overall body strength to impact as a pass rusher in the NFL.  He doesn't use his hands very well, gets pushed off his line easily on inside rushes, doesn't finish his spin moves and doesn't get his hands up quickly enough to knock down passes.  At 6'7", you would think that would be a big part of his overall game.  He is smart and plays his position well, but right now for the team that drafts him, he will impact more in a 1-gap system because of his athleticism.  All of that being said, there is no reason not to draft this kid and draft him early.  The key is to interview Margus and see if he has that burning desire to be one of the best players ever to play football.   



Margus' height and athleticism make him a potential impact player for the team that drafts him.  That being said, he is in for a shock because things have been easy for him until now because of his pure, raw athleticism, with a lot of praise for what he has accomplished so far.  Even if his work ethic has been good up to this point, it will be challenged more than ever before at the next level.  I expect Margus to be the talk of the combine because I'm sure the numbers he will put up will be excellent, but takes more than talent to play in the NFL.  It takes the desire to be the best at your position every time you play. Margus has played well and, at times, dominated; however, the quality of competition has not been the best and he has not broken into the double digits in sacks at the college level.  This could be because of the defensive line system they use at SMU or it could be because Margus plays to the competition.  I know this about Margus:  he shows up and dominates bowl games.  This is a kid that could rewrite the record books.  The fact I see on film is that there is too much talent and potential to pass up in the first round.  And, if I'm right about the combine, Margus will be selected in the top ten.    


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart