Markus Wheaton   WR   Oregon St




I don't think there is another wide receiver in this draft that is more complete than Markus.  He has excellent speed and quickness, runs very good routes, has great hands to catch the ball and can adjust to the ball in the air.  Markus exhibits football intelligence and good mental strength.  He has very good vision to gain yards after the catch and the speed and receiver moxie to get deep and catch the ball down the field. (Whew!) Markus also has special teams skills and is smart not to make a mistake, catching the ball when punts go over his head and he is standing on his own ten yard line.  He gives good effort when blocking for sweeps and is excellent waiting for blocks when he catches the ball behind the line of scrimmage on those wide receiver screen plays.  He is not shy going over the middle and will make the tough catches to move the chains on those all important third downs.  Markus has excellent leaping abilities that allow him to play bigger than his size.  He reminds me a lot of Donald Driver, 7th round pick of the Green Bay Packers in 1999. 



Markus is not in vogue right now.  He is not the size or ratio that most teams are looking for in the perfect wide receiver.  On most teams' boards, he will be downgraded because of this. Markus' body doesn't look like he can gain much more bulk without it affecting his speed and quickness; the concern for the possibility of injuries is understandable.  Because of the potential of injuries, the question most teams will have has nothing to do with talent or character or his intangibles.  The question most coaches will ask themselves is, "Will Markus be able to stay on the field enough to become a #1 wide receiver?"  It's a legitimate question and one that will only be answered when Markus proves it. 



This is a business and like any business you project the "value" of the selection that you are going to make in a draft.  Part of that value has to do with a player's body type and its proclivity for injuries.  Unfortunately, those considerations directly relate to how much a player is on the field and how much you are willing to pay for him.  Markus has 1st round talent, but because of his size and body type, most teams will be hesitant to invest first round money in him.  Now you see why Rob's value board is so very valuable to the teams in the NFL.  They will use it to find out where a player like Markus will most likely be drafted by most of other the 32 teams in this draft.  They can make a plan to draft him using this information on draft day. Markus will be an excellent selection for the team that drafts him, so watch Rob's value board to see what round he is most likely to be selected in and consider him one of the steals in this draft when he is.  You fantasy league fans, keep Marcus on your list...he should be a good one!


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart