Marquise Goodwin   WR   Texas




Marquise has the speed to scare other teams just standing still on the sidelines. He has very good hands to catch the deep ball and the body strength to break tackles in the open field if opponents donít use good tackling techniques. Marquise might be one of the best at running reverses because he is smart and patient and waits for his blocks before he tries to out-run everyone on the field. He is a fast learner and his work ethic is outstanding. He steps up to a challenge and wants the ball, but at the same time, strikes me as a solid teammate.  He gives good effort when he blocks.  Marquise has the potential to be as good as the Panthers WR Steve Smith as soon as he learns the little things that will make him a weapon for the team that drafts him.



Marquise is strong and has the speed, but he is more fast than quick which means he might not be as impactful a return man on special teams as most people think.  He has a nice long stride for his size and although most will think that he is vertically challenged and not capable of anything other than slot receiver, I have to disagree.  He has to learn all the little things that will free him up.  Perhaps he is more of a move receiver than a wide receiver, but I think the future is very bright for Marquise because he has good hands and a strong stride.  He will need time to develop, but given that time there is no doubt that Marquise will become a weapon in a teamís passing game. 



Marquise can break down a defensive backís cushion faster than an infant can dirty a diaper.   This makes him very dangerous and almost impossible to deal with on double moves.  If heís even, heís headed right for the end zone and a touchdown.  He is not a track star playing football -- this kid still has a lot to learn but he is strong, fast and can catch the ball.  In the future, he will be able to play any of the receiver positions in multiple offensive formations and not have to come off the field.  Teams may play him on special teams, but it would not surprise me if Marquise is not as good returning kicks and punts right away as most think.  He still has some learning to do.  Nevertheless, you know if this kid breaks the first wave of tacklers on a kickoff, he is gone and no one will catch him.  Marquise is not as far along in football maturity as Steve Smith was when he came out.  He still needs to learn how to change gears when running routes and reading defenses etc.  Marquise will go over the middle and will be tough when going up to catch the ball.  On crossing routes, even if you have the angle on this kid, he can still beat you and turn it up the field for a touchdown.  Marquise is a playmaker and has the potential to be a weapon that other teams will not be able to match up with.  He is a sleeper because most think he is a track star playing football and that thinking is a big mistake.


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart