Matt Barkley   QB   USC




Matt has the athletic talent, football intelligence and character to be an excellent impact player at the NFL level.  His pre-snap reading ability is the strength of his overall game.  Matt is tough and does a good job playing from the pocket and making impact throws in difficult situations.  He is very accurate and throws the ball with good velocity and touch; he is very accurate on his deep throws.  He moves well inside the pocket to avoid the sack and give himself extra time to find plays down the field.  Matt steps up to the challenge and after he gets hit in the pocket, you can just see the competitive juices flowing from his being.  He is an excellent teammate and will keep throwing to a struggling player having a bad day much like former 49er's great Steve Young used to when his teammates struggled to be consistent.  His overall leadership abilities are much like the Giants' Eli Manning -- quiet, confident and not holding his teammates to a higher standing than he does himself.  I call him Matt (Bite Me) Barkley. That's what he can say to all of those who think that he is not going to be a franchise QB after he becomes one. 



Matt might be a little smaller than most like a QB to be.  He has a good arm, but not as strong as some would like it to be. He is not a vocal leader, and some think that is a must in a QB.  All of these concerns are not mine. I think his proven play has overcome all of these questions. Matt's biggest problem in college is his wide receivers.  They don't run routes consistently and with game speed in practice.  They are a young, immature, but talented group which is what makes it look like Matt is not accurate throwing deep.  That will change at the next level.  How do I know this, you ask?  I look at the film and that's what I see.  As far as the injury to his shoulder...I surmise he will come back with a stronger arm than he had before the injury.  Matt will need to get stronger, but he has the bulk to take the hits at the next level.



The bottom line is this...if you want to draft a potential franchise QB, then don't be a fool.  Draft Matt (Bite Me) Barkley -- it's really that simple.  He has carried the USC team on his back for three years.  He has waited patiently for his wide receivers to become consistent and has never shied away from throwing to them in difficult situations. He is an excellent leader, has good athletic talent and can read defenses as well as anyone that has ever come out of the college ranks in recent years.  Matt is smart and understands situational football.  His pre-snap reads are excellent and his ability to move around in the pocket to gain extra time is very good. He can be successful in any style of offense, but he is a pure pocket passer and will impact in a classic NFL offense or West Coast style of offense the best.  You can nit pick Matt all you want, but all you have to do is turn on the tape and watch him play and you can see the maturity, ability to lead, come back potential, ability to open up the running game with could accurate passing and that makes him in my mind a top ten pick.  Matt's style of play and ability to impact reminds me a lot of Matt Ryan when he came out in the draft. He is not as tall but his ability to make the talent of the team better around him and more consistent is the same.  When Matt Ryan was drafted out of Boston College, the experts were split.  They didn't think the competition was good. He didn't play in a bowl game, he was too skinny and a bunch of other excuses. Not me, and I'm not going to listen to all those excuses about Matt Barkley either.  I'm not sure in what round Matt will be selected, but I am sure of one thing:  if I needed a franchise QB in this draft I would not pass on him. He is the real deal.  Matt (Bite Me) Barkley...I think that nickname will come to good use.  


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart