Matt Scott   QB   Arizona




Matt is a tough, smart quarterback with the arm strength and accuracy that is unique only to potential starting quarterbacks.  He stands tall in the pocket and is one of the better quarterbacks in this draft who throws with accuracy under duress, which makes him very dangerous throwing the ball inside the red zone.  He is a good athlete and has the skills to play in more than one style of offensive system.  Matt reacts and sees the field.  If he has time, Matt will stand in the pocket and go through his progressions.  He is able to throw players open very much like Drew Brees does.  By that I mean, Matt will not just throw to an assigned spot on the field like a robot.  He has the street smarts and savvy to throw the ball early (or late) when necessary to make sure the receiver is not going to take the big hit or is in position to gain more yardage.  Matt can make all the throws with accuracy.  He has a quick release and an excellent touch when he needs it.  He is a bit more developmental than some other potential franchise quarterbacks, but Matt has shown this year to have a unique feel for the game and to make the big throws in the big games.  He learns quickly and has the ability to play big in the red zone, showing that he is potential starting material.  If the team that drafts him gives him time to develop his intangibles, Matt also has the potential to be a franchise quarterback as well -- that is, a quarterback who opens the running game because defenses fear the accuracy of his passing under pressure.   



Matt has a strong arm and is accurate...when he throws with good mechanics.  At times, he changes his release point, rushes his throws or throws flat-footed with not much knee bend.  He plays in what I call a 2-minute drill offense all game long -- an offense that throws the ball east and west instead of north and south.  He has to show more accuracy and consistency on his deep throws.  Matt also doesn't throw the ball with a tight spiral, which may affect cold weather teams looking at him early in the draft.  He shows on film to possess good leadership skills, but he seems to lose confidence when his own play is not great and has to be saved by play calling.  This is normal for a quarterback who has not started that much.  Matt will also have to gain some bulk to handle getting hit at the NFL level.  He is tough and will stay in the pocket to take hits and that means he needs more bulk. 



Matt is going to need some time to develop.  The biggest issues are consistent mechanics, bulk and, of course, more confidence in his overall game in general.  When Matt throws on rhythm, he is excellent.  When the pocket breaks down, he is still pretty good, but becomes more inconsistent.  Matt also has to learn to be more confident throwing down the field, which will take some time.  However, make no mistake about it:  Matt has the ability to be an excellent starting quarterback in the NFL.  He just needs more repetitions and time.  I would think the Packers, Chiefs, 49ers, Patriots, Cowboys, Giants, Broncos, Charges, Raiders, Texans (and others -- are you getting the hint?) might be interested in developing Matt.  Don't rush this kid and he will deliver.  On the other hand, once he gets on the field, it might be very tough to get him off.  This kid's athletic talent and mental make-up is what makes him a quick study. 


Drew"The B.S. Detector" Boylhart