Mike Gillislee   RB   Florida




Mike is a technically sound running back who has excellent vision and lateral agility.  He is smart and understands how to set up his blocks to make it easy for his offensive linemen to block for him.  He runs hard through the tackles and, because of his size, it is hard for the defense to see him until he breaks the line of scrimmage.  Mike has terrific overall athletic talent to play his position and shows good enough hands to catch the ball and be used at more than one position for the team that drafts him.  He is an excellent blocker and reads defenses as well as most quarterbacks coming out in this draft.  He shows the effort and blocking skills along with the lateral agility to cross the formation at the snap of the ball and pick up a blitzing linebacker or slot cover corner to protect his quarterback.  Mike has the speed to take the ball on sweeps, turn the corner and make the needed yardage on third downs.  He also has the football intelligence, vision and quick feet to take the ball between the tackles when the chains need to be moved.  If you block for this kid, he will not let you down.  He reminds me a lot of Kevin Faulk, RB Patriots.  



Mike would need to add more bulk to his frame to become a feature running back in the NFL.  In college, he could be arm-tackled, which combined with the lack of bulk is what most teams will use to downgrade Mike, thinking that he won't be a featured back for the NFL.  He has good speed for the college level, but in the NFL, he doesn't have the type of elite speed or quickness to jitter bug and make that electrifying run.  However, you never know; sometimes I see Mike and he seems to lack that straight away speed while other times he seems to have it. Either way, you would be drafting a solid running back.  I think he can catch the ball down the field and, if I'm right, Mike could be used in the slot down the field on third downs as well.  Mike just has to remember not to think about the big play too much and keep running north-south and he will be an excellent all purpose running back for the team that drafts him. 



Mike doesn't have the bulk to be your featured back, but he will be on the field and become an impact back.  He has the skills, but adding bulk to his frame could take away from his speed and quickness which would be a big mistake.  Mike is going to impact because of his football intelligence.  His ability to understand down and distance and what is expected of him on every play.  The fact that he is the type of player that will do his job to the best of his ability and more on every down makes him that much more valuable. He has excellent athletic talent and skills, but nothing that you would consider out of the average for most running backs at the NFL level. However, because of his intangibles, he will become an impact player, core player and fan favorite for the team that drafts him.  Mike will be an excellent all purpose running back, just like Kevin Faulk was for the New England Patriots from 1999 to 2011.  Now that's good value.  


Drew"The B.S. Detector" Boylhart