Montee Ball   RB   Wisconsin




Montee has the size, strength and speed to be an impact running back for the team that drafts him.  He has excellent speed and burst and shows very good vision and quickness to change directions when he is out in space. Montee does a good job running between the tackles and, if you don't stop him at the line of scrimmage, he can take it all the way for six points.  He is quick and shows good lateral agility.  Although he hasn't been thrown to this year very much, in the past, Montee has proven he can impact in the passing game also. Montee reminds me a lot of CJ Spiller (see The Huddle Report Archives) when he came out in the draft.  As soon as he learns how to use his speed for the next level, Montee could be just as impacting. 



Montee is not a patient runner. He needs to learn to set up blocks better and change gears so that his cutting abilities become more impacting. He is not the best at blocking for the blitz and will have to get much better at that to stay in the backfield for all three downs.  He has to learn better techniques when running sweeps. Right now, he just uses his speed and that will not work at the next level.  He also, on occasion, has a pretty good stiff arm but doesn't use it enough.  If he wants to stay injury free, he must stop using his head to keep tacklers off his body and use more stiff arm.  If he does this, he should stay injury and concussion free.  Montee has to prove he can catch the ball down the field like a wide receiver or his impact will be lessened.  I think he can do all of this, but it will take some time.  Montee's decision making and work ethic off the field must improve as well. 



Most running backs get injured after they are through the line of scrimmage.  They use their head and shoulders to keep tacklers away from their bodies so they can't be tackled.  This is a BIG mistake.  The way to encourage any player to stay injury free out in space is to use a good stiff arm.  It's not better to drop your helmet on a player who is trying to tackle you.  Stiff arm him and then either break loose or go with the momentum of the tackle.  Montee has a very good stiff arm, but for some reason, has a habit of dropping his head and butting a tackler in their head to try to stop being tackled.  Montee also had an off-field issue that caused him some head injuries so this little technique of head butting is not very smart. Draft Montee and move him around your offense and you will have an impact player because he is dangerous catching and running the ball in space.  Make him your every down running back and Montee will have to learn how to block better and learn better running back techniques.


Drew"The B.S. Detector" Boylhart