Nick Florence   QB   Baylor




If you're looking for a Russell Wilson clone, look no further than this kid.  He has the same size, arm strength and accuracy and is almost as athletic.  He is smart and, although he doesn't have a whole lot of production to help guage his abilities, he has improved dramatically every time I have seen him play.  He runs the same offensive system as the Seahawks and the Redskins -- and he runs it well.  He has the ability to open up the running game with his passing because of his arm strength and accuracy.  He stands tough in the pocket, does not abandon it too quickly to run and, when it calls for him to make a play passing the ball, he can make the play.  He can make all the throws for the next level as well.  Nick has a linebacker toughness to his game and when he gets hit, he likes it.  He should be able to run a multiple formation offense and should be excellent in no huddle situations.  Give this kid a little time to develop and you have yourself at worst, a starting quarterback who in the future could wind up being one of the better quarterbacks in the league.  That is, if you have him in the right offensive system.



Nick is vertically challenged for the quarterback position at the NFL level, which will affect his draft status.  He also has very little production compared to other quarterbacks in this draft and because this is his first year starting, the lack of game situations and experience will be an issue for most NFL teams.  Not for me.  His talent is obvious as far as I'm concerned.  Here is the big key to the ability for Nick to be successful in the NFL:  Will the team that drafts him put in the system that magnifies his abilities or will they insist on Nick playing from the pocket in a "traditional" pro style system?  It will be up to the NFL coaches because in the right system Nick will be as good as the Seahawks QB Russell Wilson.



I would think the Seahawks and Redskins would want to draft this kid early because if their starting QB's get injured, you can plug Nick into the same system and not change very much at all.  I would also think that any team looking for a pistol, read and react, spread offense quarterback who can work both under center and in shotgun would also look at drafting Nick early.  Teams with aging quarterbacks might be very interested in Nick as a developmental player who can, and will, start in the near future.  That is if they are ready to change the offensive line blocking to accommodate him.  Nick has excellent mental toughness and shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  Add to that his arm strength, accuracy under pressure and overall ability to learn quickly and you have the potential for a starting quarterback for the NFL level.  Does Nick have more to learn?  Yes, he does.  Is Nick a little on the short side? Yes, he is.  Here is what I have said to all of that for the last thirty years as a professional draftnik:  COACH BETTER, because this kid has the "it" we all look for in a potential NFL quarterback. 


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart