Oday Aboushi   OT/OG   Virginia       




Oday has the size you look for in an offensive lineman for the NFL.  He played a lot at left tackle for his college team.  Oday has also been moved over to the right side on certain plays to take advantage of his size on running plays.  He has the athletic talent to play at the next level and when he uses good techniques, he can be a solid pass blocker and run blocker.  He hand fights and stays with his blocks very well, sometimes to a fault. He plays with this hidden anger and frustration that I do not believe has anything to do with the opponent he is up against.  The style of play on the field suggests to me that Oday might be a solid right guard or maybe a right tackle at the next level if he can become a union representative for his team.



Oday has an inflated opinion about his talent to play at the next level.  He is dramatically inconsistent from play to play unless the play involves him.  If you ask him to pull to the opposite side of the field, he never seems to get there soon enough, getting caught up or tripping or some other problem.  When he pulls to his side and is the focal point of a sweep, he runs with good foot speed and agility and with his chest stuck out like a peacock showing its colors.  He lacks the mental toughness and consistency in his overall game to be effective at the next level.  He is the type of player who will start because he looks good in practice, but will not be as good in the game.  Oday seems to be very smart, but doesn't play smart.  He acts like he knows the game plan, but doesn't adjust very well during the game.  He's a blamer and I suspect that when you put the tape on to evaluate his play, he has an excuse for every play he does not do well in. Oday is what I call an Eddie Haskell player.  There is a significant contradiction in his athleticism, compared to his play on the field and his interviews. 



I bet you are reading this profile and saying to yourself that I am crazy and asking yourself how I can come to these conclusions on Oday.  Well, YouTube is a wonderful thing because now I can compare how well a player does in his interviews to his play on the field.  I can see a player's body language and how he answers questions. That's the difference between me and others doing evaluations.  I'm a profiler, not a scout, so I look at film differently than most others do.  I don't look at just the talent of a player on the field, I look at HOW a player plays the game.  I do the same thing when I see a player being interviewed.  I don't just listen to a player's answers, I watch and look to see HOW he answers the questions and determine whether or not that aligns with what I see on the field in film study.  With Oday, I see solid athletic talent, but very inconsistent play.  In his interviews, I see body language that suggests he has no self awareness of his inconsistent play.  He stands proud and sounds and acts very intelligent -- almost in a defiant and condescending manner even in the most friendliest of interviews.   On the playing field he is not giving his full effort on every play, but doesn't seem to recognize that lack of passion and effort himself...or does he?  His coaches are enabling that thinking by moving him around the offensive line and playing him at a position that is considered "the" position to play on the offensive line and not holding him to the standards his talents suggest.  They haven't held him responsible for his inconsistent play and Oday is smart; he knows that and takes advantage of that fact.  Before doing this profile, I was led to believe that Oday was a possible 1st round draft choice.  So I'm expecting to turn on the film and see a very good player.  I didn't, so I thought maybe I was wrong. So I decided to go beyond the film I have and wait for the Senior Bowl and the combine.  When I saw Oday in the Senior Bowl, I saw decent athleticism but nothing to make me think that Oday is a left tackle for the next level.  Maybe a decent guard or right tackle, but surely not a left tackle.  So, I go back to the film I have of Oday during the college season and right away I see the contradiction in the way he played during the season and the Senior Bowl.  So I wait for the combine numbers and they are not good.  So I'm all set to profile Oday but decide to do even more work on him and go to YouTube to see if I can find out more about this kid's demeanor in any interviews because on the field, he seems to be angry and commits dumb penalties.  That's when I see a kid who is very smart, articulate and well spoken which contradicts his play on the field because like I said he does not play smart and commits dumb penalties.  I go back to the film and see an anger in this kid's play that has nothing to do with his opponents' play against him...another head scratching contradiction.  Oday strikes me as the type of person who doesn't solves problems, he just complains about them and until he can figure out why he has this hidden anger and lack of consistency in his play on the field, he will struggle to succeed as a starting offensive lineman in the NFL.  How do I dare to come to this conclusion about Oday?  I have come to this conclusion about Oday because he is a bundle of contradictions.  Remember, actions speak louder than words.  For me personally, I'm not sure I would leave Oday on my board to be drafted.  He is talented enough, but his demeanor makes me think twice.  Remember, it takes more than talent to play in the NFL.


Drew “ The B.S. Detector” Boylhart