Philip Thomas   S   Fresno St   




Philip has the athletic talent to be an excellent cover safety for the team that drafts him.  He has the size to cover tall, pass catching tight ends that teams are using as slot receivers.  Philip is a sure tackler and shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  He is smart and understands what is happening on the field and how offenses need to attack the secondary.  Philip shows the agility and quick feet to be used on the corners inside the red zone in nickel-dime packages.  He has good hands to make the interception and, when playing zone, is smart and understands how to bait a quarterback into a bad decision.  When he is covering in the slot, he has the speed and agility to be used in blitz packages as well.  Philip is smart and can be used all over your defensive backfield.



Philip's lack of bulk makes using him as an in-the-box safety for a sixteen game schedule in the NFL not likely.  His lack of pure speed makes it difficult to think of him as being used as a single safety although his instincts and football intelligence can mask the lack of pure speed. He is still coming off a very bad leg injury, but if he can stay healthy, he just might show more speed in the future. For me personally, Philip's lack of bulk is more of a issue and if he is used up on the line of scrimmage where he played in college, I feel that will lead to more injuries.



Philip will be a really solid safety for the team that drafts him, but his lack of bulk and pure speed makes it difficult to envision him in every style of defense.  He is a cover safety who is a sure tackler, which makes him a fit as a free safety and as a cover nickel-dime defensive back.  However, the lack of pure speed in his workouts makes you think that Philip will struggle as an every down safety in the NFL.  I believe that's what most of the scouts, coaches and GM's will see when evaluating him for the next level.  Philip is a savvy, smart football player and I suspect his leg injury took some of his speed away from him.  This injury is also a problem for teams evaluating him for the next level.  Philip has come back from that injury with excellent agility and I believe Philip's lack of pure speed will not limit his impact for the team that drafts him, but his intangibles will and Philip looks to have excellent intangibles.


Drew “ The B.S. Detector” Boylhart