Quinton Patton   WR   Louisiana Tech




Quinton has good size and quick feet with the overall solid receiving skills needed for the next level.  He has some good run after the catch skills to keep the chains moving on third downs and the type of hands that most quarterbacks love throwing to.  He does a nice job blocking and never takes a down off.  Quinton is a savvy receiver.  He uses his body to keep defenders from jumping his routes and is smart to use double moves rather than try to outrun his opponent to get deep.  He adjusts well to the ball when it is in the air to make the tough catches and will also fight for the ball in the air.  Inside the red zone, Quinton is a touchdown machine because of his foot quickness.  If you don't get your hands on him at the line of scrimmage, he will beat you all day long.  



Quinton doesn't have an extra gear to be considered a deep threat and lacks the explosion off the line of scrimmage to free himself up but, he does have the quick feet needed to score touchdowns in the red zone.  Most of his deep routes at the college level are because of double moves and play calling.  He has to get stronger hands because there were times Quinton was fighting for the ball in the air and corners were able to strip him of the ball; this will happen even more at the next level.  He has to learn to run much better routes as he is too inconsistent  right now.  Several times, I saw him loop when coming back for the ball on stop routes or drifts to the sidelines.  He runs a lot of receiver screens and doesn't get hit like he will at the NFL level.  He will fumble the ball unless his hands get stronger.   



The talent is there right now for Quinton to be a number #3 receiver with punt return talent.  The talent is also there to be a #1 or #2 receiver with punt return skills.  The key is that Quinton must want to be a #1 or #2 receiver.  He is not fast, but with better route running, stronger hands and more overall toughness, he can do it.  Quinton shows the overall acrobatic skills needed to be a clutch receiver.  What he doesn't show is the understanding of his own talents for the NFL level.  He thinks he is going to out-run players at the next level, but he won't.  However, what he can do is outplay them if he wants to.  I like this kid's talent and in time, he should become a core player and fan favorite.  Most of the time, a receiver with Quinton's talents will be selected in the third or fourth rounds, but that should not deter Quinton from becoming the player his talents suggest he can become, so look for him on Rob's value board on the day of the draft.    


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart