Robert Alford   CB   Southeastern La




Robert has the athletic talent to play at a high level for the team that drafts him.  He has fluid movements in all aspects of his position and shows on film excellent change of direction skills and burst to the play to be a good cover corner.  He does a solid job when tackling and will come up to support the run when it is absolutely necessary.  Robert is a very good cover corner who likes to keep the play in front of him and is always looking for the interception. He has good hands to make the interception and can be used on special teams as a punt returner.   I expect Robert to be drafted at some point in the first three rounds of this draft and, if maturity strikes him at any point in his life, Robert should be a very good #2 cornerback for the team that drafts him.



The question is, will maturity strike Robert at some point after he is drafted to perform on and off the field at a professional level?  Right now, Robert is a punk.  He pushes players after the whistle and smacks players in the head when they are going by him and when the play is going the other way.  He is not a trash talker; most trash talkers are intelligent and use words as another weapon on the field.  Robert doesn’t do this.  In the film I have of Robert, I don’t see the speed to recover when players get behind him and, although he seems to make the tackle, he is very sloppy with his techniques.  At times, Robert is willing to allow others to do the job first unless there are no other options.  He needs to get stronger in his upper body so that he can match up better with the stronger receivers he will go up against at the NFL level.  In college, if a receiver got physical with Robert, he couldn’t handle it -- physically or mentally. Robert will get beat deep at the NFL level and when it happens, you can be sure he will react like most immature young men react to getting shown up in front of his friends. He will be embarrassed and his reaction will be like a kid waiting to jump out of the bushes to surprise, intimidate and embarrass his adversary.  In other words, Robert will wait until he thinks everyone’s back is turned on the field to get even instead of playing better.     



When Robert grows up, he could be a pretty good player.  But the way he reacts to adversity on the field is most likely the only way he knows how to react to adversity off the field.  That’s what I see on the film I have and I suspect that if Robert had played at a higher level of competition at the college level this behavior would have been magnified and would have become more of an issue for “some” teams in this draft.  Right now, all anyone is looking at to evaluate Robert is the Senior Bowl with its vanilla defense and Robert on his best behavior. In that game Robert looked like a top 20 talent, but I watch film from the season to make my evaluations of a player for the draft and, in my opinion, Robert has a long way to go to be a “professional” athlete…but he does have the talent!


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart