Ryan Nassib   QB   Syracuse




Ryan is a mentally tough, strong-armed quarterback who is just starting to reach his potential.  He has good size and strength and reminds me a lot of Jim Kelly (former QB, Buffalo Bills).  Ryan is smart and has the athletic talent, arm strength and accuracy to be used in any style of offensive system.  He works out of a multiple formation offense that includes working from under center as well as shotgun.  He is a power runner and will make the short yardage himself on third and fourth downs when needed.  Every time I see this kid he improves -- from year to year and from game to game.  He understands down and distance and will throw the ball away inside the red zone to save a score.  Not many young QB's understand that part of the game, so it's impressive that Ryan does.  Ryan is pretty sharp inside the 20 yard line and is always looking to score.  He has good, quick feet and throws well on the run.  His throwing mechanics have improved from year to year, which speaks to his ability to understand how much more he has to learn.  Ryan's leadership skills are decent and will get better with experience.  This is your sleeper QB in this draft and I suspect as we get closer to the draft you will be hearing more about him.  He has starting potential right now and, if he continues to improve his passing like I believe he will, then the team that drafts Ryan will have their franchise quarterback also.  Ryan is a quarterback who can open the running game up because of his passing.  



Ryan is still learning the position.  It's a little surprising, but I just bet the kid went to class and going to school might have been more of a priority.  He gets impatient inside the red zone and rushes himself too much which throws off his mechanics and his thinking as well.  He is just now starting to learn how to make all the throws needed to be a complete quarterback.  He is learning the touch throws and check down throws; he is slowly becoming more confident making those passes. He is in an offense that does not expect him to pre-snap read and read defenses, but you can see in his play from week to week that he is picking it up himself.  He is starting to acquire the instincts needed to play the position at the next level, but still has a lot more to learn.



Ryan is a fast learner.  In spite of the fact that he is behind many of the quarterbacks in this draft in developing in the nuances of the quarterback position, his dramatic improvement from year to year and game to game sends signals that this kid has not peaked yet in his ability to play his position. The offense in which he plays is a multiple formation offense but, at the same time, a simple offense.  Last year, Ryan played in a west coast style of offense.  He did well, but struggled to gain control of his play because that offense does not fit the type of person Ryan is.  Ryan wants to go.  He wants to strike quickly, make throws down the field and keep the defense off balance.  The west coast offense requires patience and Ryan does not have the patience to run it.  He has the talent, but just not the patience.  This year, his coaches decided to go to an up-tempo offense taking advantage of Ryan's mentality and it fits him much better. He still struggles inside the red zone and will have to learn to become more patient to be successful and score more touchdowns but he is improving.  I remember when Jim Kelly came to the Bills.  He struggled inside the red zone for the very same reason Ryan does right now.  The Bills' coaches decided to extend the red zone mentally to the thirty yard line.  The play calling for passing from the thirty yard line in, from then on included going in to the end zone which opened up the game for Kelly and made the offense much more potent.  I'm not sure what round Ryan will be drafted in, but I am sure that he will succeed and, in the right offense, become a force in the NFL to deal with for the teams that do NOT draft him.


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart