Sean Porter   LB   Texas A&M   




Sean is a solid linebacker for his college team.  He has athletic talent and could be used in more than one position in the defensive back field.  He is a good zone cover linebacker and does a solid job defending against the run.  When Sean comes from off the line of scrimmage in a blitzing defense, he can be disruptive.  He shows a nice burst to the play and solid tackling skills.  Sean works well in his defensive scheme and shows some leadership skills through his play on the field.  He is smart and exhibits natural football instincts.  When he is on the move at the snap of the ball, he can be effective.  The keyword to Sean's game is that he is a solid football player at the college level...get the hint?



Sean's size and strength at the college level is solid; however, for the next level, he will have to get stronger and quicker to compensate for his lack of size.  He struggles at the college level getting off blocks and making tackles.  In coverage, he guesses too much and is looking into the backfield before he understands the route being run against him.  He is smart and a solid tackler -- those skills are positives for the next level. 



Sean could be used as a linebacker or an in-the-box safety in nickel-dime packages.  Because he tackles well, he could be very useful on special teams.  It's not a stretch to think that he could also play safety in a two deep zone defensive backfield system. Sean's size is a problem for him at the next level, but size doesn't stop most players from impacting at the next level.  When Sean rushes the passer, he slows down once he is engaged.  The big offensive linemen handle him at the college level now and the smaller offensive linemen, running backs and tight ends match his athleticism and handle him with little problem.  Sean doesn't do anything on the field that makes an offensive coordinator think that he will have to game plan for him.  If teams don't need to game plan for you at the college level, your talent is average for that level.  Nevertheless, I have seen many linebackers in the right system blossom and play much better at the NFL level than the college level because of better coaching and a scheme that fits that player's talent.  Sean will struggle to make a team in the NFL unless he is drafted by a team that finds the right position for him in their style of defense. That being said, he can make a team if he plays well on special teams and can be used in some capacity in nickel-dime packages.  What I see on film at the college level is a solid outside linebacker and at his size and strength, you would have to see more than that to think that he can impact at the next level as a starting outside linebacker for the team that drafts him.  But, you never know.


Drew “ The B.S. Detector” Boylhart