Stepfan Taylor   RB   Stanford




Stepfan is a complete running back.  He has good vision in the hole and excellent lateral agility to make cuts and help with his blocking in blitz situations.  He can catch the ball down the field and can read defenses as well as most quarterbacks coming out in this draft.  Stepfan has the power to get the tough yards and uses great technique to run sweeps and get to the edge.  He has an excellent burst through the hole if that's the type of back your offensive system needs.  Stepfan understands how to set up his blocks and, because of his football intelligence, instincts, lateral agility, ability to change gears and vision in the hole, he can be used in any style of offense.  Stepfan is the type of running back that offensive linemen love to block for because of his ability to set up blocks.  On screen plays, he is patient and waits for his blocks.  He is the type of back that gets chunks of yardage and seems to be stronger in the 4th quarter than in the 1st.  Stepfan is the type of running back that every team needs to make a championship team.



Most are going to downgrade Stepfan because he is not as fast as they might like.  All I can tell you is, they said the same thing about Ray Rice (see profile in archives).  Stepfan will get stronger and quicker in the NFL. Trust me he will. 



Stepfan has the talent and intangibles to be an impact player in the NFL, but I just bet he will be downgraded because there are running backs in this draft that will be faster.  Speed does not make you a great running back.  Ask Thurman Thomas and Curtis Martin, who were both downgraded in their drafts because of a lack of breakaway speed.  There are plenty of running backs in the Hall of Fame and on teams today that impact and do not have breakaway speed.  However, what they DO have is the ability to understand how to play the position of running back.  Stepfan is a three-down back and those seem to be rare in today's football.


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart