Tavarres King   WR   Georgia




Tavarres is one of the most underrated wide receivers in this draft.  He is quick and fast and has good size.  He shows on film excellent hands to catch the ball and the athleticism to adjust to the ball in the air and make the tough catch in traffic. Tavarres has excellent lateral agility and is a very fluid athlete.  He runs with a strong gait and, at the same time. uses his quick feet to change gears and direction on a dime.  He runs all the routes on the route tree and runs them better than a lot of receivers playing in the NFL now.  He can line up on the inside or the outside and works well with his quarterback when plays break down.  Tavarres is one of the smartest receivers in this draft.  He understands how to set up defensive backs for the long ball and will catch the ball over the middle without any qualms.  He has the quickness in and out of his routes to be a weapon inside the red zone as well as weapon in the middle of the field.  Tavarres will get you yards after the catch, but I would not consider that the most effective way to use him.  When this kid runs a route, he is open because he runs the route with quickness and consistency; most corners cannot stay with him if the ball is out to him on time. You donít cover Tavarres; you stop him by getting to the quarterback before he can get the ball out to him because Tavarres is always open. Tavarres is much underrated at this point of the draft -- very underrated. 



Tavarres will have to get stronger so that he does not get moved off his routes and to deal with the bump techniques that will be used against him at the next level. He is a little light in the pants, which might be a problem in the NFL unless he can add more bulk to his body without it affecting his quickness. He also is not an effective blocker and will have to learn to stay with his blocks longer to be more impactful. Tavarres had an off-field issue in 2010, but as long as he hasnít had any other issues since that time, I would think that this incident would no longer be relevant.  



When I watch Tavarres run a route, itís like watching a bully take money from a kid.  He just does whatever he wants because there are not very many defensive backs that can deal with his quickness and ability to change gears in the middle of his route running.  When they are able to deal with his quickness, he blows by them for the deep ball with ease and catches the deep ball as well as any receiver has, past or present.  He is mentally tough and although Iíd like to see more bulk on him to deal with the pounding at the next level, he seems to have that wiry body that contains surprising strength.  He is very smart and football savvy.  He is the type of receiver who has such confidence in his own play, that when the huddle breaks and the play called is for a deep crossing route, Tavarres might tell the QB that he is going to run a nine route instead because he knows he has the defender set up and he knows he will be open.  This kid has got ďitĒ and if his wiry body can stay injury-free,  he could wind up being the surprise Rookie Wide Receiver of the Year from this deep receiver draft class.  


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart