Terrance Williams   WR   Baylor




Terrance has good size, strength and speed to be an excellent receiver for the team that drafts him.  He is a strong zone receiver.  He works very well with his quarterback and is always coming back to the ball to help out.  He has nice hands and catches the ball well in traffic.  Terrence is excellent staying available when a play breaks down and giving his quarterback a target.  He has those long legs and that sneaky speed that you don't necessarily catch at first on film, but as you watch the game progress, you can see the surprised look on the faces of the cornerbacks as he goes by them.  He can get deep if the quarterback is given enough time to wait for him to clear a defender and he can catch the deep ball.  Terrance has the talent to play at a very high level for the team that drafts him, but he does have some issues to work on that are holding him back right now.  That being said, he might be the best zone reciever in this draft and a lot of teams take that skill for granted when drafting receivers.  He reminds me a lot of former Bengals receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh.



He struggles with man-to-man coverage because of his long legs and lack of quickness.  His hands need to get a lot stronger.  He fumbles too much and is not much of a run after the catch type of receiver because of his lack of burst and quickness.  He struggles off the line with bump and run because of his long strides that keep him off balance and make it easier to move him off his routes.  However, he is a terrific zone receiver.



If Terrence increases the strength in his hands and his overall body, he can become a better all around receiver because he will fumble less and be able to catch the ball in traffic even better than he does right now.  He can impact in the right system with the right team, but I'm not convinced he can ever be your #1 wide receiver because he lacks the needed quickness to separate in tight corners like the red zone.  I'll say this:  on a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers where the offensive passing game is based on plays breaking down and the quarterback looking down field for an uncovered receiver, Terrence could be a star.  In a normal rhythm-based offensive system that requires route running and correct timing, Terrence is a complementary receiver who can move the chains and if he gets stronger, go up in the air and fight for the ball in the red zone.


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart