Tyler Wilson   QB   Arkansas




Tyler has the arm strength you look for in a potential starting quarterback.  He is a good athlete and has the ability to move around in the pocket and scramble to extend plays.  He is mentally and physically tough, will take a hit in the pocket and come back for more.  He shows nice accuracy and velocity when throwing the ball down the field and can make the throw that will get his team out of trouble on third downs.  Tyler has strong command of the game plan and looks to be a solid teammate.  He shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  His mechanics are decent and, when he throws in rhythm, he is as good as any quarterback coming out in this draft.  Tyler has the potential to be a starting quarterback for the team that drafts him and, in the right system, could be very successful. 



There are a lot of little problems with Tyler's overall game that can add up to create a big problem for Tyler for the next level.  In the red zone, he is impatient, holds onto the ball too long and looks to make the big play too many times.  He needs to add bulk to his frame to deal with the hits he will take in the NFL or he will be injured more than he is healthy.  His throwing mechanics break down the longer he holds onto the ball and, when he throws, there are times he drops down and becomes less accurate.  He struggles to make decisions quickly enough to go to his check downs.  He does not throw accurately to his check downs because he rushes his throws, which is because he realizes he is late throwing to them.  Right now, Tyler reminds me a lot of Cowboys QB Tony Romo -- that is, not accurate enough under pressure to become a consistent threat in the passing game.



Tyler's head is his problem, not his talent.  He tries to do too much and holds onto the ball too long.  Once he gets past the 30 yard line, he gets very impatient, rushes his throws and becomes less accurate.  When he throws in rhythm and makes decisions quickly, he is excellent.  However, he needs to learn better pre-snap reads and exhibit a more advanced knowledge of defenses.  Tyler needs strong coaching to make himself better than he is right now.  His ability to understand what is expected of him on every play is lacking.  He thinks every play must be a big play or the play has failed, which is a big problem.  It's difficult to break this train of thought in a quarterback and those quarterbacks who believe this are prone to inconsistent play in big games and struggle to succeed unless they have very strong coaching.  That being said, Tyler could be successful in a play action vertical offense with a strong running game because, he shows good accuracy when he throws down the field and in rhythm.  Drafting Tyler and thinking he is going to run a spread offense where a lot of decisions are put on the quarterbacks' shoulders I believe would be a big mistake.  The potential to be a starting quarterback is there, but avoiding injury, the right offensive system and strong coaching will be the keys.  Then again, I guess you could say that about most of the quarterbacks coming out in a draft.  For me personally, I think I would let someone else do all the work and see what you have after Tyler's first contract is up


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart