Zac Dysert   QB   Miami-Ohio




Zac has the size and arm strength to be a starting quarterback for the team that drafts him.  He shows excellent accuracy and can make all the throws the NFL scouts look for in a potential franchise quarterback.  He shows terrific leadership skills and seems to be very coachable.  He is patient with the mistakes his teammates make -- maybe to a fault. Zac is a good athlete and will run the ball when it is needed, but he is not the type of quarterback that you would mistake for a scrambling quarterback.  In fact, Zac is a pure pocket passer.  He can throw on the run, but once again, that is not his strength. He works under center as well as in the shotgun and throws very well out of either set.  His throwing mechanics are pretty good and, for the most part, consistent.  When under pressure, he still throws with accuracy and does not change his release point or speed up his delivery.   Zac does a good job reading defenses and understanding where the pressure will come from.  Give Zac some time in the pocket and he will pick your defense apart.  He is without a doubt a potential franchise quarterback for the team that drafts him because he has the accuracy and arm strength to open up the defense for the running game.  He also stands tall in the pocket with excellent mental toughness.  



Zac has to learn how to move in the pocket and slide to give himself more time to make plays.  Right now, he doesn't move unless the play calls for a roll out.  He will have to learn how to call running plays and learn that there are all types of running plays that exist besides the dive play that his coaches insist is the only running play to call.  Zac needs to become more consistent throwing the ball deep to his left, down the field, but that is mostly mechanics and maybe a confidence issue that repetitions and experience will correct. How well Zac learns to move in the pocket will be the key to how successful he will be at the next level as he has all of the rest of the tools.  



Zac has carried this team on his back without very good coaching and a lack of overall potential NFL talent at any other position.  He does need to show a little more "fire in his belly" and "fight in his game".  I think there are times that, as a team leader, he needs to kick some players in the buttocks, but that's just me.  He is smart and a good teammate.  When he is on the field, he shows that he is in control.  I believe with better talent around him and much better coaching that includes multiple formations and options for running plays, that Zac will flourish.  He talent is obvious but his learning has been stunted at the college level.  Give him some time and Zac will succeed.  He has franchise talent potential.


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart