Zach Ertz   TE/WR/H-Back   Stanford




Zach is an impact football player waiting to happen for the team that drafts him.  He has excellent size, strength, speed, mental toughness and football intelligence to play more than one position in any style of offensive system.  He has good hands to catch the ball down the field like a wide receiver and the physical toughness to make yards after the catch like a tight end.  He gives excellent effort on every play when blocking or running routes.  He does a solid job blocking in space and will open holes for the running back like a fullback when lining up in the backfield.  Zach is a match-up nightmare when he lines up in the slot against safeties and linebackers.  He's also way too big and fast for corners to handle, particularly in the red zone when lining up as a wide receiver on the outside.  He gets good separation in his routes because he shows on film to have the quickness in and out of his breaks like a receiver and not like a tight end.  Zach does an excellent job of collapsing the cushion defenders give him and using his strength and quickness to separate and catch passes in a crowd.  He has that sneaky speed that surprise his defenders in the middle of the field and quick feet that catch defenders off-guard outside the hash marks.  He has very strong hands to fight and bring the ball down against opponents in a crowd.  His mental toughness is without question and that, along with his athletic talent and football intelligence, is why Zach will be an impact player for the team that drafts him.  He reminds me of Aaron Hernandez (TE/H-back, NE Patriots), but is a much better open field blocker.



Right now, Zach's inline blocking is inconsistent.  He needs to bring his feet with him and continue to move his feet on every inline block.  When he doesn't, he is lunging, losing his leverage and is unable to stay with his blocks long enough.  In the red zone this is not an issue and his inline blocking is much better, but in the middle of the field where defenses are more opened up, it becomes an issue.  I'm nit picking a little bit because Zach's effort is excellent as is his strength in his upper and lower body.  This techniques issue should not be a big problem for Zach to correct.



Draft Zach and use him like the Patriots use both of their tight ends/h-backs/wide receivers (Hernandez and Gronkowski) and you will never be sorry you drafted Zach early in this draft (you can see both profiles in archives).  Zach has that type of talent.  He can catch the ball like a wide receiver, run routes like a slot receiver, gain yardage after the catch like a tight end and block like a H-back.  What more could you ask for in your offense?  Maybe a good quarterback to throw accurately to him and an offensive coordinator that knows how to use him to the best of his abilities?  If you have that, you will have a dangerous offense.  It's really that simple.  Get ready for the "Zach Attack" to hit your team the day after this kid is drafted.  


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart