Zack Rogers   WR   Tennessee




Zack is a smart and efficient route runner with excellent speed and hands to catch the ball.  He will run the whole route tree from every receiver position as good as any coach can coach it.  In fact, he can teach your other receivers how to run routes -- thatís how good he is.  He is quick and fast and explodes out of his cuts to get excellent separation.  He has quick feet that make it easy for him to make his cuts and stay on balance through the route.  Zack is like the EverReady bunny; heís ready to go at a momentís notice, to play at any receiver position, in any style of passing game.  If you are a cornerback defending Zack and you blink, he will go deep.  Once he is deep and the ball gets to him, itís all over.  The first time I saw Zack play, it was like watching former Buffalo Bills receiver Don Beebe all over again.



Zack lacks the bulk and body type to be an every down receiver right now. However, with some smart coaching, he can be an excellent addition to a teamís receiver corps.  Because of his route running ability and football intelligence, you can move him all over your offense creating mismatches for him.  But until he shows more bulk it will be difficult for him to take the hits required of an every down receiver to be effective.  Unfortunately, Iím not convinced his body type will allow for that needed bulk.  Donít expect much run after the catch yards from Zack unless he is looking up at the video board scoping at how close the other team is to catching him after he catches a deep pass for a touchdown.   



If youíre looking for a third or fourth receiver for your multiple passing formation offense, I suggest you look no further than Zack. He is smart and will study defensive backs on the sideline.  Then, heíll go into the game telling his quarterback what route he can beat that corner on, do it and score.  He doesnít have to be on the field for every down because of that ability.  Most receivers who are smart use the game plan and style of route running to set up defensive backs, but this kidís analysis of other players from the sideline may be as good, or better, than any offensive coordinator.  He can spot flaws in other playersí games that he knows he can magnify by just running one route once he gets on the field. If you can keep Zack from getting injured, he will be a specialty player who will impact.  If Zack can bulk up without losing speed and quickness, he can become a starting receiver but I donít see that happening in the near future.  So draft Zack and use his unique analyzing ability and athletic talent as a weapon that other teams will never be able to match up against.  There is no reason why you also canít hope that he can bulk up and become an every down receiver because if he does, he could be something special.  My guess is that Zack will be drafted at some point in this draft, however in what round is your guess is as good as mine.  In any other draft with fewer receivers than this year, Zack would be high on a lot of teamsí draft boards.  But there is no doubt in my mind that in this draft he is just one of the vegetables in a bowl of vegetable soup.  Like I said, he reminds me a lot of Don Beebe and Don was a pretty effective and underrated wide receiver who appeared in six Super Bowls.  Thatís a quality player and I suspect Zack will be a quality player too.   


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart