Zeke Motta   S/LB   Notre Dame




Zeke has excellent athletic talent to play multiple positions for your defense.  He has linebacker size at the safety position, but can run the field with most of the safeties in this draft.  One of the impressive things to me in watching him in games over the past few years is that his instincts have improved over time.  His ability to anticipate and come from so far off the line of scrimmage to make tackles at the line of scrimmage was also noteworthy.  He has good change of direction skills and can flip his hips and run in coverage better than most think.  He is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackling safety, with a linebacker's mentality.  Zeke might need a couple of more pounds on him to play linebacker at the next level, but I believe he would be an excellent WLB in a 4-3 defense as well as an in-the-box safety and, for that matter, used in a single safety scheme also.  He has the speed and agility to be used free safety in a single safety formation, but I just think closer to the line at any position is his best for him to impact.  He has the hands to make the interception and in this new day and age of running linebackers and safeties that can cover most of the field as quick as I can take a breath, Zeke is a must player for teams who are looking for just that type of player.



Although Zeke looks on film like he can flip his hips and cover, his workouts at the combine will have to show it.  What degree he can show his flexibility and agility will dictate what round Zeke will be drafted in and in what style of defense and position he will play.  If Zeke shows the athleticism that I think he will show, he will move up on a lot of teams' draft boards. 



Zeke's size and bulk will lend itself to some teams thinking that Zeke could play the linebacker position.  Teams that run the Tampa 2 might think that Zeke would be a good MLB in that system.  Zeke played as 2-deep zone safety for his college team which makes it hard to envision him in any other type of defense.  Therefore, as I said, his workouts will mean everything and will slot him where most teams will think his position and talents warrant.  Zeke is the type of player, with all of the defensive backs in this draft, that might get lost in the shuffle and won't be drafted until late in the draft.  If so, some team is going to get themselves a hell of a football player at a great value.  Coaches  should love Zeke's ability to be used all over their defense -- I know I do.  


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart