Aaron Murray   QB   Georgia


Aaron has that unique ability to use all of his talents on every play. He is football smart and is one of the toughest quarterbacks that I have ever seen coming out in the draft. He has a good arm with excellent accuracy. He is a pocket passer and can play under center as well as play in a spread offense. He is a coach on the field and shows leadership through his play on the field and his toughness in the pocket. Aaron has excellent mechanics, good feet, and a quick set up and understands situational football. He is a quarterback that believes in the running game being successful for his team to be successful. Aaron has the ability to play beyond his athletic talent, and he is very good on third downs and in the red zone and to me those are attributes many quarterbacks at the next level don’t posses. Mental strength is Aaron’s impact skill for the next level. His mental strength to succeed and at the same time being patient and letting the game come to him is what will allow him to became a starting quarterback and a winning quarterback at the next level.

Aaron has the arm strength of a Peyton Manning but not his size and some teams will downgrade him because of that. He also needs to play in an offense that requires him to get rid of the ball faster to protect himself and not take too many hits. A play action vertical game would NOT be good for him. Aaron will have to learn to throw better on the run, with more velocity in his throws. Right now he lacks the mechanics, but he will learn at the next level.

If you’re looking for the next Drew Brees then look no further. The problem is, most teams don’t appreciate Drew Brees and still to this day don’t look for quarterbacks in the draft with Drew Brees like talent. A lack of arm strength and size will always make scouts and GM’s leery of putting their careers on the line for a quarterback who does not have either of those attributes. Looking for a Drew Brees like player as a replacement to a veteran quarterback who has both arm strength and size is not high on a GM’s, head coach’s, or scout’s list. Think of it this way: “Would you replace your 6’4”, 240 lb. quarterback with a bazooka for an arm who is struggling to succeed, with a college quarterback with maybe an average arm who might be 6’0”, 210 lbs?” The answer is no, you would not. What round Aaron is drafted in will be difficult to determine in this draft because there are so many big, strong armed quarterbacks who lack the character traits needed to be successful at the next level that Aaron already has who nonetheless will be rated higher on most team’s boards. In fact Aaron might not get drafted at all and if he does it will be because he played in the SEC. I think there will be a lot scouts who will rate him as a late round pick on that aspect alone. If Aaron gets on the field I’m not sure he will ever come off because he knows there will always be a 6’4”, 240 lb. bazooka arm quarterback sitting on the bench just waiting for his chance if Aaron will give it to him. I don’t believe he will. In the draft, no matter what the athletic talents are, I’m always looking to add good players who know how to play the game to my team. Those players know how to impact the game. Those players know that improvement comes through good character, work ethic, and the ability to perform your job under pressure. Athletic talent doesn’t improve how long you play in the NFL, what it does improve is your football intelligence, intangibles, instincts, and experience to perform with your athletic talent. Aaron has that ability.

Drew Boylhart