Allan Robinson   WR   Penn St


Allan has been a productive receiver at the college level. He has the size that teams are looking for in a receiver and shows solid overall receiving skills. He is hard to move off his routes and seems to be the type of receiver you would expect to be able to move the chains with consistency. Allan shows the ability to be a good run after the catch type of receiver with strong strides and solid vision to make cuts and gain ground and at times in games has shown that type of potential. If Allan can realize that he has a lot of work ahead of him he could become a solid receiver for the team that selects him at some point in the future.

Allanís lack of consistency and attention to detail in every phase of his game is troubling. Seriously, I donít believe this kid puts his pants on the same way twice. He runs lazy routes if he is not the primary receiver, executes half hearted blocking, doesnít catch the ball consistently because he doesnít reach out from his body unless the ball is over his head and wonít go down for the low balls near his feet. He will come back to the ball, but if the throw is low, forget about him catching it consistently. He has excellent size, but no breakaway speed to go deep and only gets deep against safeties. When the ball is in the air on a deep route, he wonít release his arms to go up and snatch the ball at its high point to make the play. Allan has a long way to go before he is NFL ready and I fear from his play on the field at the college level that he doesnít realize that right now.

Allan is coming out to early. He has not developed the work ethic that he will need to become a receiver at the next level. He has decent talent, but not NFL talent and only an excellent work ethic and football intelligence will compensate for that lack of pure talent. On film I do not see the work ethic and attention to detail that he will need to succeed, but I have been wrong before and if Allan is drafted and proves me wrong, there will be nobody happier than me. I love to see the person you least expect to succeed do just that. Allan could develop into an excellent #2 wide receiver that moves the chains and can get deep and make impact plays with double move routes. He has that type of skill, size and speed, he just has to work harder to accomplish this.

Drew Boylhart