Andre Williams   RB   Boston College


Andre reminds me a lot of former Broncos RB Terrell Davis. He has the same style and gait when he runs. Itís that deceiving gliding gait that makes it easy for him to stay on balance and break tackles. Andre has good vision, the athletic agility and just enough foot speed to bounce the ball outside or make a defensive back miss him in the hole. Because of Andreís balance and strength that gives him the ability to break tackles at the line of scrimmage, he will gain the needed yardage to move the chains. Andre runs well in a two back set or in a single running back set. He is smart and follows his blockers into the hole when he knows the blocks arenít there to spring him for a big play because he understands the chess game of play calling that must go on in an effective running back in a game. He understands down and distance and will exclude breaking the big play (changing directions or breaking the play to the outside) to gain the more needed yardage. Andre has been the focal point of every opponentís defense this year and still, with a weak offensive line, ran for over 2000 yards. Andre is not a game breaker, he is a back breaker. He breaks the back of the defense play after play gaining yardage when every player, coach and fan in the stadium knows on the next play Andre will be carrying the ball.

He has to improve his blocking and his protection of the quarterback on third downs if he wants to stay on the field and be more than a two down back. He also has to prove he can catch the ball out of the back field. The key to what round Andre gets drafted in will be his medicals. If there are no problems with his medicals and Andre shows in workouts that he can catch the ball, he could be selected early.

Andre is just a good back who has the potential to be better than he was at the college level for two reasons: 1) At the next level he will work behind a better offensive line and 2) At the next level he most likely will not have to carry the whole offense and be the entire offensive game plan. Right now Andre is running up against 8 man fronts most of the time because he is the key to stopping his college teamís overall offense. Opponents knew that if they could hold Andre down to under 120 yards in a game, they could beat Boston College. Thatís a lot of pressure for a running back and shows the ability for Andre (in spite of his lack of true breakaway speed) to be a starting running back for the team that selects him. Andre will gain yardage in chunks and become very effective as an inside runner and outside runner with a better offensive line in front of him. If he proves that he can catch the ball out of the backfield, learns better third down blocking techniques and learns to read defenses like a quarterback he will never come off the field for any down except to rest him and keep the wear and tear off his body. In the offensive system Andre works out of at the college level, he was able to show his toughness between the tackles and his ability to break tackles after first contact. He doesnít run that many sweeps or many plays in a game off tackle, but when he does run outside the tackles, itís with an unbalanced line that includes (after the snap) offensive lineman that pull around to the unbalance side also. Thatís Boston Collegeís signature running play and a play that Andre excelled at gaining yardage against 8 man fronts who were set up to stop him from pounding the ball between the tackles. When Andre runs that play, you see his quickness and overall athleticism that you donít see when he runs the ball through the tackles because he is running against 8 man fronts and sometimes 9 man fronts and the quarterback doesnít audible out of the play. Thatís why the film on Andre may not be as impressive as other backsí film. But if you look hard at film and see how Andre is running you will see the similarity that I see to Terrell Davis. You just have to look hard.

Drew Boylhart