Anthony Johnson   DT   LSU


Anthony has excellent size for his posiiton. He has enough athletic talent to be used in multiple fronts on the inside or outside in a 2-gap system. He comes off the line and gains leverage quickly which allows him to change the line of scrimmage in his favor on most plays. He has good run stuffing ability and can push the pocket on passing plays making it very uncomfortable for the quarterback to move up into the pocket. Anthony can get into the backfield on passing downs. He keeps his balance and has those long arms that can cause problems for quarterbacks to throw over. Anthony has good development talents to become a solid NFL defensive lineman with just a little more work on his overall game.

Anthony has to get into better football shape and gain more muscle in his upper body. He struggles to get off blocks and physically dominate his opponent consistently. He is a hard worker but he has to stay square to the line of scrimmage in order to control his blocker and make more tackles in the hole. Right now he drops his head and uses too much body which means he can be moved out of his gap with leverage and by using his own momentum against him. When he keeps his head up, he does a good job finding the ball, but he doesn’t keep his head up all the time. Anthony needs to move his feet quicker once he is engaged to really became a better pass rusher especially if he is used as a DE in a 3-4 defense.

Anthony’s impact position at the next level will be as a nose tackle in a 3-4 defense that uses a 2-gap system or a DT in a 4-3 over the right guard. With good techniques he does a very good job at the college level of disrupting plays but he could be more impacting if he uses the correct techniques and gets into better football shape. This kid works hard on every play. He doesn’t have a burst off the line but comes off at excellent pad level on every play. The problem is once off the line, he can get very sloppy and take himself out of a play. He doesn’t give up, he just doesn’t make the play. Like most defensive tackles coming out in a draft Anthony knows that getting into the back field is the key to impressing the scouts at the next level and Anthony has shown flashes of being able to do that. But for the next level he should just concentrate on using better techniques (once he is engaged) and when he does he will find that most of the time he is in a good position to make a play. Anthony has very good developmental talent to become a solid defensive lineman at the next level. He just needs a little more work on his overall game.

Drew Boylhart