Austin Seferian–Jenkins   TE   Washington


Austin has excellent overall athletic talent to play his posiiton at a very high level for the team that drafts him. He shows on film good hands to catch the ball down the field and the ability to adjust to the ball in the air to make a difficult catch. He is big for his position, but handles in-line blocking very well and has the agility to block in space. He can be used on the outside in the red zone or as a move slot receiver in the middle of the field because of his athleticism. Austin has the physical tools to become a dominant and complete Tight End for the team that drafts him. He can be more than a pass catching Tight End if that’s what he wants to be. The question is, does he really want to be or does he just want to sign a big contract?

When I watch Austin on film, I see a deep lack of attention to detail of his posiiton. He runs lazy routes. He lacks football instincts and football common sense. He is not quick or explosive off the line into his blocks and doesn’t sustain his blocks. His blocking techniques in space are sloppy and, instead of dominating smaller players in the field, he just guides them. He has no idea where he is on the field and catches more balls out of bounds than the average player would think was possible. Seriously, this kid needs a seeing eye dog to identify the out of bounds lines on the field. He lacks mental toughness in general and when the play is away from him, he seems to lack the effort to finish his assignment. On passing downs, he catches the ball and is easy to bring down limiting the run after the catch yardage needed to make third downs consistently. There is more, but I’m getting tired and my head is hurting thinking of the rest.

Austin thinks he is a Lamborghini; unfortunately, he needs to be more like a pickup truck for the team that drafts him. He has the talent, but not the work ethic right now. You can slide by on talent in college, but in the NFL, the only thing that improves your game is having the fortitude to improve because your talent doesn’t get better at the next level -- it only dissipates the longer you play in the league. I went back to last year’s DVD’s I have on Austin and it shows that when he is up against some SEC teams his game overall is lacking big time. Oh, he makes a couple of plays here and there, but overall running routes, catching the ball, blocking in line, and his blocking in space were surprisingly below average. The truth is, Austin doesn’t work hard enough on the field. He can be a lot better if he just finished his blocks and got off the line quicker. Austin could be better if he ran all his routes like he was the hot receiver and if he identified where the out of bounds is on the field. He could be better if he decided to try mentally to be on the same page as his quarterback, identify the blitz and cut off his routes or at least turn his head around to receive the ball quicker. He could be better if he was more of a team player and didn’t think that “effort” on every play was a dirty word. He could be, and should be, a lot better than he has shown this year. Everything with Austin is almost. He almost caught the touchdown pass if it was thrown with more accuracy. He almost had the block if the running back just was a little faster or cut quicker. He almost had the first down if the ball was thrown better and he almost picked up the blitz if the quarterback changed the blocking scheme. I call him Austin Almost – and now, I think you know why. Remember you draft with the information you have in front of you at the time of the draft. Austin could turn out to be an excellent Tight End in the future but for me, the future is now and now he is just average at best with the talent to be better. If you’re a gambler, you draft him early. If you’re a realist like me, you wait.

Drew Boylhart