Bashaud Breeland   CB/FS   Clemson


Bashaud reminds me a lot of former Buffalo Bills safety Jairus Byrd. He is a technically sound defensive back with the athletic talent to play more than one position for you in your defensive backfield. He is very smart and a solid tackler. He works well with his teammates and shows leadership skills on the field. Bashaud has excellent feet and balance. He reads the receiver first before he looks into the backfield for the ball. He can handle those big receivers in single coverage and in the red zone because he is much stronger than he looks. Bashaud might be one of the smartest and technically sound defensive backs in this draft. He shows on film good hands to make the interception in both single coverage and zone coverage because of his football intelligence. Bashaud has long arms that make for a wide defensive radius and allow him to trail a receiver and still make a play on the ball in front of him as well as on those tough to defend fade routes in the red zone. Trust me when I say this: there is nothing better than a defensive back who is smart, technically sound, is a willing tackler and has the athleticism to play more than one position with the skills and anticipation instincts to intercept the ball. Bashaud is just that type of player.

Bashaud doesnít have the quick twitch athleticism that so many teams look for in a high draft choice and in a pure cornerback in a draft. He also needs to get stronger and improve his tackling for the next level. Thatís it, thatís all I got.

Bashaud might be moved to the safety position because he doesnít have the quickness that might be needed to play corner. Nevertheless, he should be an excellent player. He is the type of player that you can use at the cornerback position in a pinch because of his intelligence and skills; however, free safety most likely will be his impact position for the team that selects him in this draft. Right now Bashaud is underrated for a few reasons: most teams think he will have to change positions, that he needs to get stronger and because of all the talent in this draft in general. Look at Robís board for where this kid might be selected in this draft. If your team selects him, consider him a steal because he could have as much an impact as Jarius Byrd has had and Jarius had the franchise tag put on him so that the Bills didnít lose him for 2013 season. Thatís an impact player.

Drew Boylhart