Billy Turner   OT   North Dakota St


Billy has the size, strength, agility to play more than one position for you on your offensive line. He is an excellent run blocker and has the quick feet to be potentially an excellent pass blocker. He is strong and has good mental toughness. He shows leadership skills through his play on the field and works hard on every down. Billy looks on film to be a smart player who takes pride in all aspects of his game. He likes the responsibility of taking care of the blindside blocking for his quarterback. Billy fires out when run blocking and dominates his opponent until the whistle blows. He is quick out of his stance and has enough lateral agility and pass blocking skills to be considered as a potential Left Tackle or Right tackle and the dominant run blocking skills to be considered a potential pro bowl Left Guard.

Billy does not seem to struggle with a change of competition but he does have some very bad habits that will get him in trouble at the next level until he straightens them out, which I know he will. Billy will drop his head into his man when pass blocking some times. He also will come off the ball high and instead of crow hopping to gain a better angle. Billy will hop laterally sometimes to get in front of those quicker defensive ends which causes him to be off balance and susceptible to a set up outside rush/ inside sack. When he comes off the line and keeps his stance low he is very tough to beat inside or outside. After Billy gets tired later in a game he relies more on techniques and is a better player overall. This happens to a lot of players who play against competition that doesnít have the same athletic ability they have. Billy struggles with his foot work when pulling and going out on screen plays. Most of this is correctable and with better offensive line blockers around him this should not be an issue because the athleticism is good and his agility is solid.

Let me say this: itís a pleasure to watch Billy Turner play football. He doesnít commit many penalties and yet he is aggressive. He plays with an attitude but itís not an attitude that loses the respect of his opponents. The mental strength and the pride that he plays with is pro bowl like. There is no doubt that he needs to be more consistent with his pass blocking and he has to straighten his footwork out so that he can pull and get out on screen plays quicker. It will take some time but it looks to me on film that Billy is a quick learner. I believe Billyís impact position will be as a Left Guard but I donít rule out his potential to play Right or Left Tackle at a very high level. He has the same type of talent as Chargers RT D.J. Fluker right now, with the potential to be a better pass blocker. Billy loves to be physical and run blocking is his strong suit but at the same time, he likes the challenge of pass blocking. What more could you ask for in a potential multi position offensive lineman? No matter what the competition level is, Billy will come to play and you better be ready because Billy is going to bring it to you on every play.

Drew Boylhart